Buchholz: For example, exclusivity, alcohol content or rarity. Guests, for instance from Wernigerode, need about one hour for the journey. There is a visitor centre and a special tasting lounge. There is an outdoor public swimming pool, restaurants, bars and a whisky distillery, whose salesrooms have become a tourist attraction. The name EMPEROR'S WAY is based on the main route through the Harz Mountains which was used by Kings and even the Kaiser himself in the medieval times. Then brands of exquisite quality – also from other manufacturers – are tasted, sometimes in a price range that an individual would hardly be able to afford. The Harz Mountain Single Malt matures in different casks, like sherry-, marsala- or madeira-casks. gold award in the WHISKY BIBLE, the master distiller decided to extend the production to a maximum of about 1500 bottles per year. Your father, who continues to work in the company, started producing spirits in the “Hammerschmiede” in 1985. In 2002 Alexander Buchholz started to add whisky to the range and at first decided to release his Glen Els Whisky, which is matured in Madeira, Sherry, Marsala, Malaga, red wine, Sauternes and several other cask types, only as single cask bottlings. en whisky fra Harzen. After five years of maturation, the Harz based company filled 540 bottles of their special edition in rich amber. As investment projects, stocks and gold are better suited than whisky, which is made for drinking. Tatsächlich gibt es wohl kaum eine passendere Umgebung wie den südlichen Harz, um einen Single Malt Whisky nach schottischem Vorbild zu brennen. He is enthusiastic about the ambience of the Hammerschmiede. Type: Harzer Single Malt Whisky Cask Type: First Fill Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrels Distilled: 2015 Bottled: 09/2020 Age: 5 years Limited bottles: 540 Volume: 0,7 liter Alcohol content: 55,4% vol. Buchholz: We do not export directly. While the company moved to the Elsbachtal (valley of the Els river) in the nearby village of Zorge, a name for the Harz Mountain single malt whisky was found - "The Glen Els" Within the last … Batch 1 matured in Amarone Casks 1000 Bottles 46,0 % vol. more. They made it possible for us to set up a whisky distillation plant, which costs an awful lot of money. Owners and General Managing Directors: Karl-Theodor Buchholz and Alexander Buchholz. Hammerschmiede - Manufactur feinster Spirituosen - Single Malt Whisky - Obstbrände - Kräuter - Liqueure - Fruchtiges Buchholz: Our industry is not comparable to the production of screws, where you can buy a new machine today and produce twice as much tomorrow. In front of a board which shows the many hiking trails of the village I casually get into conversation with Annelise Capon. Im Jahr 2002 begann Alexander Buchholz damit, auch Whisky in das Repertoire aufzunehmen und entschied sich zunächst dafür, seinen in Madeira-, Sherry,- Marsala-, Malaga-, Rotwein,- Sauternesfässern und diversen anderen Fasssorten gelagerten Glen Els Whisky ausschließlich als Einzelfassabfüllungen zu vertreiben. Updated on Jul 15, 2020. €63.90. ...is the most aromatic Harz Mountain Malt, made by The Hercynian Distilling Co. The Single Malt which is distilled in the Hammerschmiede is called The Glen Els. Buchholz: Patience! Due to its long-distance trade, Nordhausen was prosperous and influential, with a population of 8,000 … Small distillery with a very nice visitor center and offered on the day tours of 25 minutes and at 14.00 a one hour tour with tasting options. 19% Tax. The good Harz mountain water is the essential thing for a distinctive whisky. Seit 1985 werden Spirituosen in Handarbeit … respectively €91.29 per 1 Liter. 100 of them are really top, but with the others you want to shout to the owners: “Do something!” It’s not right to keep on saying for decades: “We’ll just make it a few euros cheaper.” This attitude must change in order to give the development a positive direction again. You have to ask the lovers of our single malt´s about that. Here in the southern Harz, i.e. You are here: Vacation; Destinations; Zorge; Sights & Attractions; print page; We are at your service! Today, these products account for about half of our sales. We don’t produce the whisky to keep it on some shelf for 20 years. The distillery ripens its whiskeys in exSherry, exMadeira, exMalaga, exPort, exMarsala and exGrandCru wine barrels. Contact us. Great that … “But in a group of 12 it is easier to make whisky dreams come true”, Buchholz describes the high level of the event. When I planned my latest holidays in Hohegeiß in the beautiful Harz Mountains, I made sure that the flat my wife and I stayed in was not too far away from the small village of Zorge. in Zorge, Wieda and Walkenried, there is not nearly as much going on as in Braunlage. Are you thinking of increasing your production? The problem is that there are hardly any other building blocks. However the distiller has also bottled a handful of Scotch whiskies under its own Old Blacksmith Malt … Surrounded by … St. Andreasberg and Bad Lauterberg, where there is still a little bit going on, are slight outliers. ...is a mild, floral and many-facetted single malt whisky from the heart of Germany. Even though The Journey is the most popular bottling, only about 13.000 bottles are produced every year. They were not only exempted from military service, but were also allowed to produce wine (from fruits and berries) as well as beer and brandy (from barley) for their own needs. Genau das versucht Alexander Buchholz mit Glen Els seit 2002 in der familieneigenen Hammerschmiede-Destillerie. You have to imagine the normal tourist streams as a crescent moon, which – to put it simply – stretches from Goslar in the west to Wernigerode in the east and Braunlage in the Upper Harz mountains. 5BR Apartment Vacation Rental in Zorge, Harz (Niedersachsen) Vacation Rentals. Delivery Time: 1-3 days to Germany, 3-7 days to other countries. Single Malt Whisky bereichert seit 2002 unser Produktsortiment. Harz-Beat: Aren’t you a little too hard on the southern Harz? Whenever Jan-Peter Bluhm visits the Harz Mountains, whether in Bad Sachsa, Wernigerode or on the occasion of the Brockenmarathon, he visits the “Hammerschmiede” to take a bottle with him. Do you own this … “Very professional, also regarding the way whisky samples are served in the distillery shop,” says Bluhm, who has just arrived from Bad Sachsa with his whole family. Incl. Another important ingredient: the malt of barley. Buchholz: Yes, but that’s a completely different story about some Chinese consortia with a suitcase of cash standing in front of our door and wanting to buy a share of the distillery from us, which we thankfully rejected. But all together they don’t even produce as much as a medium-sized Scottish distillery alone. I would very much welcome it if the concept of enjoyment became more and more accepted. What I would wish for Zorge would be an overall concept. Because everything we do is in “miniature format”, the quality of the Glen Els can of course be controlled more precisely. Buchholz: 'The whisky production simply matches the Harz', Bluhm: 'Inspired by the ambience of the Hammerschmiede', Detailed report in the magazine Stadtglanz, Under steam: The Harz narrow-gauge railways – a popular attraction for the entire Harz Mountains. Harz-Beat: Since you can’t even cover domestic demand at the moment, foreign markets are probably not an issue for you at all …. Harz-Beat: So many tourists accept a longer journey to come to you? When he came to Zorge for the first time in 2015, Jan-Peter Bluhm was a little surprised that some of the houses in the village were no longer in the best condition. The Glen Els Distillery is a little off the turist track but really worth a visit. He is particularly fond of its milder types. In the neighboring Walkenried you can visit an ancient Abbay, founded in 1127. translated by • View Original. Only 20 minutes from Braunlage this spot is a must visit if you are interested in rpoduction of whisky and and German eau de vie. We have also been producing gin since 2015. I hope you will enjoy Harz as much as we do. The 10 employees who work here and we in the management can make a living from it. Surprising Whisky and spirit distillery in Zorge, Harz. Availability: In stock. SKU: WS22551. Dennoch braucht sich der Single Malt Whisky The Glen Els aus dem Harz nicht verstecken, denn - angelehnt an das schottische Vorbild - steckt er voller komplexer Geschmacksnuancen. If the equipment had not already been available, it would have been impossible for an 18-year-old. Then guests can easily spend a whole day in the southern Harz. Buchholz: Over 20,000 people visited, and 60 percent purchased something, which means that a good half of our whisky production is sold right over the counter in our distillery shop. (more…) Posted in Places and tagged Distillery, GAS … Delivery Time: 1-3 days to Germany, 3-7 days to other countries. The old warehouse of the Hammerschmiede was built between … Hochwertige Spirituosen aus der Hammerschmiede in Zorge / Harz. Incl. Everyone probably loves this stamp in the Harz. Do these customers come from the closer areas of the southern Harz? This single malt whisky combines an exceptional aroma of the New Make and powerful casks. Harz-Beat: There are many tourists among your visitors. Sie produziert seit jeher – zunächst in Wieda beheimatet – hochwertige Spirituosen, Bitter, Brände, Liköre und Destillate. The German distillery is situated in the southern parts of the Hercyan Forest of the Harz Mountains in a small village called Zorge. The problem is: the market can look completely different after this time. In Bad Sachsa just a few minutes away there is a Fairytale Park for kids and an indoor aquapark … In Bad Sachsa just a few minutes away there is a Fairytale Park for kids and an indoor aquapark … In the neighboring Walkenried you can visit an ancient Abbay, founded in 1127. Once a month Alexander Buchholz serves something very special in an impressive, cosy whisky lounge. This single malt whisky combines a heavily peated New Make with exceptional powerful (mostly Sherry) casks. We see ourselves as a manufactory, as a craftsman’s business, and of course we are very happy when in the end we get great products out of it. Wieda is based on the willow tree (in German "Weide"). Today the Harz Mountains focus on tourism. Bestellungen, die bis zum 16.12.2020 bezahlt sind, werden noch vor dem Weihnachtsfest versendet. Hammerschmiede Manufacture in Zorge in the Harz has been producing spirits since 1984. Lower Saxonian peat was used to gain traditionally peated malt with about 35ppm. translated by • View Original. Damit gehören wir zu den ältesten festlandseuropäischen Whiskybrennern. Our biggest foreign market is the Netherlands, with a very, very large number of visitors coming to Zorge. At that point there were only three distilleries producing whisky (today there are hundreds), of which one was the Hammerschmiede distillery in the Harz mountains, producer of The Glen Els ; achtung - veränderte … Hercynian Distilling Co. / Hammerschmiede, Elsbach 11A | 37445 Walkenried (vormals 37449 Zorge). The Belgian visits the Harz for the first … Due to the coronavirus’ sudden interference, I had not attended any dramming events since mid-February. We are therefore more interested in sustainable development. On what occasions do you meet with them? Zorge is a climatic health resort and a starting point for a lot of hiking trails with wonderful views. Gladly again at any time. Es richtet sich an Wanderer, Mountainbiker, Skiläufer und Kulturbegeisterte. ...is the aromatic and most powerful Harz Mountain Malt, made by The Hercynian Distilling Co. Zorge is a climatic health resort and a starting point for a lot of hiking trails with wonderful views. Most beautiful stamp office in 2013. translated by • View Original. January 3, 2017. 3 Comments on The Glen Els - whisky from the Harz of Germany Whisky has long been a favourite drink in Germany, but it took until 2002 for the first native single malt to be released. … Der Shop ist aktuell bis zum 04.01.2021 geschlossen. According to the legislation, a whisky must be at least three years old, but this only means that it may then be sold, but not that it is already mature. Marktstraße 45 D-38640 Goslar Phone: +49 (0) 5321 34040. o; T * y; N; Order … While enjoying a short get-away on the island of Helgoland, I participated (more…) Posted in Events and tagged Event, Glen Els, Glen Keith, … Can you confirm that? Against the background of our good sales situation, word of mouth is completely sufficient. The village is situated on the little river of the same name and has 1000 inhabitants. The really big ones like Glenfiddich produce several million bottles a year. Very lovingly and professionally furnished. The business produces a range of spirits, liqueurs and whiskies at its Glen Els distillery, including the Harzer single malt Germany whisky. Harz-Beat: You produced your first whisky at the age of 18 shortly before graduating from high school. Harz-Beat: How would you describe the premium quality of your whisky? What triggered Alexander Buchholz to start making whisky in the Harz Mountains? On the other hand, the “whisky miracle” sometimes happens just because of the limited controllability of the whisky’s development. Get to know the "Glen Els" - it's worth it! In most cases this is only after 5 to 10 years. The man from Gütersloh appreciates the aroma and taste nuances of the Glen Els. Text, photos and design: Jochen Hotop, Michael Hotop. Bulleteer. Holiday apartment Zorge for 8 - 10 persons with 5 bedrooms - Holiday house. Produziert wird er in der Brennerei Hammerschmiede, die seit 1985 Obstbrände und Liköre verschiedenster Art herstellt. Then it is fair to say that you are sort of a visitor magnet for the Southern Harz. Harz Mountains Tourist Board Harzer Tourismusverband e.V. While the company moved to the Elsbachtal (valley of the Els river) in the nearby village of Zorge, a name for the Harz Mountain single malt whisky was found - "The Glen Els". Hammerschmiede oHG Manufactur feinster Spirituosen Home of The Glen Els Elsbach 11A 37449 Zorge tlf: +49-5586-8282 www.hammerschmiede.de This 6 year old Willowburn matured in 1st fill ruby port casks and was bottled in december 2019. Yes, indeed, in Zorge in the southern Harz there is a whisky distillery that has succeeded in establishing a special reputation for itself in the world of exquisite malt´s. Hammerschmiede in Zorge im Harz Whisky und Brände aus dem Herzen Deutschlands genießen. Seit 1984 produziert die Manufaktur Hammerschmiede in Zorge im Harz Spirituosen. Today the barley comes from the Harz foreland, for example from the Goldenen Aue (direction Nordhausen) or from the Hildesheimer and Magdeburger Boerde. Zorge. In the higher altitudes of the Harz, dominated by the summit of the Brocken, the landscape is defined by moors, spruce forests and rocks. Buchholz: I don’t know if our products are premium. Zorge in the southern Harz lies – sheltered from the wind – deep in a narrow valley. According to him, barley used to be the only grain in the Harz Mountains that could be seriously cultivated up to a height of 900 metres, at a time when the scythe was still used for mowing. Also, the 30.000 bottles we produce per year, a medium-sized distillery in Scotland will make at least the same amount in one day. ...is the spicy Harz Mountain Malt, made by The Hercynian Distilling Co. Harz-Beat: You are 34 years old and have a degree in business administration. Harz-Beat: How many people visited your distillery in 2018 and how many of them bought something? Die Manufaktur steht neben hervorragender Qualität auch für … People who have experienced the autumn magic, but also the cooler days in spring, understand that Zorge is a small paradise for hikers and mountain bikers. steep uphill in serpentines - for a great view. Otherwise, you risk losing your credibility. … The view is magnificent, you can hike there from many sides and the hut is also nice for a rest. More near Germany, UN | Contact Vrbo. What other products do you make besides whisky? He did not expect to find a whisky distillery of this format here. Availability: In stock. The Sky Resort Braunlage is only 20 min away. When he stays with us for two hours, the question quickly arises: “What do we do now?” I am therefore delighted that a World Heritage Information Centre will be opened in the Walkenried Monastery this year or next year. Distillery in Zorge, Niedersachsen Foursquare uses cookies to provide you with an optimal experience, to personalize ads that you may see, and to help advertisers measure the results of their ad campaigns. 16% Tax. The story of the Harz Mountain single malt whisky began in 2002, as a nameless project in the old forge (the original company building - built between 1250 and 1270) in the town of Wieda amidst the southern Harz Mountains. Die Hercynian Distilling Co. / Hammerschmiede ist eine Manufactur, welche seit 1985 Spirituosen auf höchstem Niveau im Herzen Deutschlands herstellt. Wer wir sind. It is therefore also difficult to assess what position we have in Germany. More Views. “It just fits in here,” he stresses. Unfortunately, we were there on the day of rest (Sunday and Monday). From 1543 on, the Count of Hohenstein granted the people in the Harz mountains so-called mountain freedoms. amidst the southern Harz Mountains. But for the large harvesting machines that were used later on, the slopes were hardly passable, so that barley cultivation was abandoned. Nearly 15,000 bottles are sold via a retailer, and a considerable quantity through our online shop. So, I am responsible for the entire distillation process. The small village Zorge, which is located in an open southwards valley in the South Harz, belongs to the Municipality Walkenried and is surrounded by mixed and beech forests. The Hammerschmiede (in English: hammer forge) is a whisky manufacturer founded 1985 in Zorge (Harz Mountains/Lower-Saxony) in the heart of Germany. The Harz National Park particularly captivates through the diversity of its natural environment. I’m not going to stand up and say, “Our whisky is the best in the world” because we’re talking about taste here. It’s never been any different. In Zorge, for example, there are 400 guesthouse beds. The single-malt whiskey Glen Els is distilled in the forge Hammerschmiede in the southern Harz. View More Pictures Sleeps: 10: Bedrooms: 5: Bathrooms: 3: Property type: apartment : Get Booking Details View more vacation rentals near Germany, UN. And taste is a super-individual thing. Harz-Beat: Your company is doing extremely well. Deutschland info@hammerschmiede.de Die Brennerei gibt es schon länger, seit 1985 brannte sein Vater hier einen typischen Harzer Kräuterlikör namens … That’s quite enough for us. The Journey Editons are always a combination of all these types of barrel. If I want to, they’d be sold out by February.”. Good reports on the southern Harz are also a small building block, but they only lead to success if the region is also really good. It is further processed in a medium-sized malthouse located between the Harz mountains and Hanover. Buchholz: We do not see ourselves as a lighthouse, but as one building block. not-colored & non-chill filtered. A real tasting … again! Wayfare; the beautiful and ancient English word for "journey" has now been replaced … > Alphas Selection > Whisky > Glen Els - Wayfare - 0.7 liters - (aroma of fruitcake, raisins ... cask of Glen Els questioned. Please double-click and thumbnail the photo to open the tour. I also have my doubts about the Asian markets as to whether the increasing interest is really due to the fact that people have seriously come across the enjoyment factor “taste” or whether it is not rather the positive image of the whisky. Harzbeat ist ein neues Online-Magazin über den Harz, einem deutschen Mittelgebirge. Zorge is a climatic health resort and a starting point for a … Was wir leisten. Harz-Beat: Word is that the Chinese have discovered the taste of a good whisky. Hammerschmiede Elsbach 11a 37449 Zorge/DE Zorge. Of course, every master distiller has his secrets. Manufactur feinster Spirituosen Elsbach 11A 37445 Walkenried OT Zorge . December 16, 2016. The story of the Harz Mountain single malt whisky  began in 2002, as a nameless project in the old forge (the original company building - built between 1250 and 1270) in the town of Wieda Within the last 10 years this name became a synonymous for high-quality single malt whisky from the heart of Germany. Becci. But these tourists also want accommodations that are up to date. In 2007 this malt was born as the master distiller's personal project and the malt was not meant to be sold. Buchholz: It’s called a master distiller. Buchholz: Rather less. The whisky market is traditionally a roller coaster ride. Commenting on the current good demand for whisky, company boss Alexander Buchholz says: “We produce 30,000 bottles a year. Buchholz: We don’t see each other at normal whisky fairs, which are attended by the end consumer, but at special trade fairs, where the topics are equipment and advanced training, for example on questions of micro-bacterial processes. None other than Jim Murray has praised the whiskies as absolute top products in his Whisky Bible, even in comparison with Scottish Malt´s. In addition to business administration and economics, you have also studied modern and middle history. How do you assess your position in Germany? Hammerschmiede is a small distiller and retailer based in Elsbach, Germany, to the west of the South Harz Nature Park, where the Elsbach and Jorge rivers meet. Hammerschmiede: Glen Els - Excellent German Whiskey - See 37 traveler reviews, 41 candid photos, and great deals for Zorge, Germany, at Tripadvisor. Schmiedefeuer, Whisky, Gin und viele mehr... online kaufen. But I am afraid that the idea of prestige is still in the foreground for many people. June 2, 2020. There are over 400 distilleries in Germany, four times as many as in Scotland. €89.90. In September 2019 the brand "The Glen Els" changed to ELSBURN. The moors in the Upper Harz … The name WILLOWBURN is based on the name of the river Wieda in our spiritual hometown. There is an outdoor public swimming pool, restaurants, bars and a whisky distillery, whose salesrooms have become a tourist attraction. These single cask editions are still among the most sough … Shaped by many centuries of mining and smelting works, Zorge presents itself as an officially recognized health resort with nice half-timbered houses, a lovingly restored centre and an idyllic spa park with walkway. Liquor factory and whiskey distillery. Since many malt lovers got really keen about this malt, especially after one of the most famous whisky critics, Jim Murray, rewarded this exceptional Single Malt with 95/100 Points and a liquid The city is situated on the Zorge river, a tributary of the Helme within the fertile region of Goldene Aue (golden floodplain) at the southern edge of the Harz mountains. September 27, 2015. What is your main task in the company? Harz-Beat: Which characteristics should a master distiller have? Hercynian Distilling Co. / Hammerschmiede. Whisky; Spirit; Home; Elsburn Willowburn 2013 - Port Cask - 56,2%; Elsburn Willowburn 2013 - Port Cask - 56,2%. The innovative concept of tradition, combined with dedication and experience pays off: The Harz Single Malt Whisky has firmly established itself in the international market and represents an unrivaled size. At the northern and southern edges, you can find extended beech forests, which tempt visitors out on a hike in spring and autumn in particular. These are often people who have received the tasting as a gift, for example in recognition of special achievements: an unusual business transaction of an entrepreneur, a complicated operation of a doctor, etc. Add to Cart. The 200 types of whisky produced with Harz water are sold under the umbrella brand “Glen Els”; distilled in the so-called “Hammerschmiede” in Zorge, whose salesrooms have become a tourist attraction. We are certainly one of the oldest companies. translated by • View Original. Die Besitzer sind entsprechend erfahren in Sachen Spirituosenherstellung und stecken dieses Wissen … This single malt whisky gained many friends worldwide because of the exceptional aroma of powerful casks and the distinctive destillate with loads of wood smoke (beech & alder). Cause this is where Hammerschmiede Distillery is located. Great distilleries - one of the few wines in Germany that produce high-quality whiskey. Harz-Beat: What do the prices of your whisky types, which start at 49.50 euros and reach up to about 160 euros, depend on? More Views. We’re still trying to get a bit better. Whisky; Spirit; Home; Willowburn Amarone - 46%; Willowburn Amarone - 46%. In the early 13th century, it became a free imperial city, so that it was an independent and republican self-ruled member of the Holy Roman Empire.