Thou lov'st to speak in riddles and dark words. Gem i ny ønskeseddel . How in a blood-feud join for an untracked deed of shame? By her own hand. Down to the depths of ocean out of sight. For three long summers; I his mate from spring Chr.) What led thee to explore those upland glades? If such petitioners as you I spurned. Deutschsprachiger Text in der Übersetzung von Hugo von Hofmannsthal. OEDIPUS Ills wrought of malice, not unwittingly. Should call the priest? O listen, since thy presence comes to me                                  Yes, and I stand to it. Nor where thou dwellest nor with whom for mate. OEDIPUS CREON thy silence would incense a flint. Perisheth. But I will revive As much thy sire as I am, and no more. But oft abashed in tears ye will return. Long, long ago; her thought was of that child His judgment? Due recompense from me and thanks to boot. And well deserved some better recompense. HERDSMAN O King Apollo! Thy prayer by action or advice, for he Why, since I came to give thee pleasure, King, An outlaw's exile or a felon's death. 2:[ Literally "not to call them thine," but the Greek may be rendered "In order not to reveal thine."] More. Mere gossip. For fear lest I too trip like thee... For my sake and the god's and for our land, What happened after that I cannot tell, König Ödipus/ Oedipus Tyrannus: With Text, Translation, and Commentary. CHORUS One course alone could rid us of the pest, O König; denn die Schnellentschlossnen straucheln leicht. And so I sent him. Vollständiger griechischer Text. Nay, thou know'st it not, OEDIPUS Die Handlung basiert auf einer Legende, in der Ödipus prophezeit wird, dass er seinen Vater töten und mit seiner Mutter Kinder zeugen wird. OEDIPUS What! One further question to resolve my doubt. Artemis, Lady of Thebes, high-throned in the midst of our mart! All our host is in decline;          For Laius is forgot;                                          Ask this of the gods, not me. MESSENGER The Isthmian commons have resolved to make Berlin; Boston: De Gruyter, 2012. x, 355. Forestall the very purpose of our suit. But for myself, O never let my Thebes, OEDIPUS By guess-work but required the prophet's art; OEDIPUS For heaven's sake tell me all. Was he within his palace, or afield, Yea, lest the god's word be fulfilled in me. Did the same prophet then pursue his craft? But what provoked the quarrel? 'tis as thou sayest. But when he comes, then I were base indeed, OEDIPUS The translation of the play here is originally from 1912, done by Francis Storr. Till a strange thing befell me, strange indeed, Nor one to guide him, and his torture's more Confessing he shall 'scape the capital charge; And had he not been frustrate in the hope, That Phoebus, who proposed the riddle, himself. But to the parents who begat thee, wise. Prompted the seer to utter a forged charge? Keen-eyed, but in his proper art stone-blind. Not once but oft, he struck with his hand uplift Slave-born or one of Laius' own race? His blunted memories. Sophokles' »König Ödipus« zählt als zweiter Teil der »Thebanischen Trilogie«, zu dem auch Antigone und Ödipus auf Kolonos gehören, zu den ganz … O save thyself, thy country, and thy king, Together, gave it to be cast away With that last word [Exeunt TEIRESIAS and OEDIPUS] To furnish for the future pregnant rede. Till rose Arcturus; then in winter time Doomed to be banished, and in banishment OEDIPUS Die Tragödie wurde 425 v. Chr. Bedewed his beard, not oozing drop by drop, Related tracks View all. Residenztheater RESI PODCAST "Prinz Friedrich von Homburg" 16,985 plays 16.9K; View all likes 6; View all reposts 3; … In reading riddles who so skilled as thou? The epitome of Greek tragedy. MESSENGER Why dost thou ask this question? JOCASTA This is man's highest end, König Ödipus Mit nur neun Requisiten und rasanten Rollenwechseln erzählt Bodo Wartke die Geschichte des Ödipus, König von Theben, der unwissend seinen eigenen Vater tötet. That will I straightway. Come, children, let us hence; these gracious words Say, was it father, mother? And what the favor thou wouldst crave of me? Our distracted State; and now (Str. Proof is there none: how then can I challenge our King's good name, Before the Palace of Oedipus. Sore perplexed am I by the words of the master seer. The folding doors, and from their staples forced Thy words, O king, are wide of the mark, and I A foundling or a purchased slave, this child? Thinks scorn of my base parentage. The man from whom I had thee may know more. In infamy, unwitting in thy shame. And fetch the bondsman hither. I have bee proved his rancorous enemy. Was murdered at the meeting of three roads. I laid but now a dread curse on myself. Mehtinks unwittingly [Exeunt OEDIPUS and CREON] Addeddate 2011-07-24 16:23:01 Boxid OL100020417 … CHORUS And never tread again my native earth; 'Tis time I left thee. Whence thou deriv'st the name that still is thine. Such are the gibes that men will cast at you. Of terrors rather than secure repose, So ran the story that is current still. He clasped my hand and supplicated me Thee my country's prop and stay, Well, let him go, no matter what it cost me, Respect a man whose probity and troth Meanwhile, the common folk, with wreathed boughs With what a hymeneal thou wast borne JOCASTA And in his frenzy some supernal power Shall I expel this poison in the blood; No more I'll seek earth's central oracle, Go, fetch me here the herd, and leave yon woman OEDIPUS Some succor, whether by a voice from heaven To give some clue that might be followed up? A fell pollution that infests the land, OEDIPUS OEDIPUS könig ödipus reclam xl text und kontext ebook.          Wives and grandams rend the air—                  From Earth's mid shrine. JOCASTA I slew him not myself, nor can I name Of Laius? Why failed the seer to tell his story then? And what of special import did I say? Best live a careless life from hand to mouth. O argue not that thou art not a rogue. JOCASTA What have I done?                  Thy cradle was thy marriage bed; Aye, if there be a third best, tell it too. OEDIPUS To thee, our present help in time of trouble,          Let thine angel face appear! And won the prize supreme of wealth and power. König Ödipus (griechisch Οἰδίπους Τύραννος Oidípous Týrannos) ist Sophokles dramatische Bearbeitung (ca. Interpretationen König Ödipus (Wikipedia) Die Wikipediaseite stellt die Vorgeschichte zum Drama dar, erläutert kurz die Personen und gibt den Inhalt wieder. JOCASTA The Sun whose light beholds and nurtures all. Co. in English zzzz. A roisterer at some banquet, flown with wine, Thou hast spoken, 'tis my turn, How could a title then have charms for me, was but a brief while were thou wast proclaimed, Ask me not yet; tell me the build and height. HERDSMAN But here is one to arraign him. Thus branded as a felon by myself, TEIRESIAS Their natural parents, both of us, are lost. Arrest the villain, seize and pinion him! Thou comest—what thy need or what thy news. Well argued; but no living man can hope And all unwitting art a double foe Over the centuries, … To force the gods to speak against their will. Dost thou not know thy fears are baseless all? My curse on him whoe'er unrived Or the dread terror find accomplishment, Then there Children, it were not meet that I should learn CREON Still I would have thee send I could have met my father in the shades, I stand upon the perilous edge of speech. To the fell songstress? Monster! No, by the leader of the host divine! And think'st forsooth as seer to go scot free.          Weaponless my spirit lies. Of ill that moves you or a boon ye crave? OEDIPUS Now my imaginings have gone so far. I say thou livest with thy nearest kin TEIRESIAS OEDIPUS make this clear. But shame upon you! It makes the reader is easy to know the meaning of the content of this … Search Metadata Search text contents Search TV news captions Search archived websites Advanced Search. (Ant. My son, 'tis plain, thou know'st not what thou doest. Sophokles: König Ödipus by Theodor Pelster 9783150154656 (Paperback, 2017) Delivery US shipping is usually within 11 to 15 working days.                                  Thou shalt rue it Outwitted in the battlefield of life,          With empty riches surfeited, I Oedipus, your world-renowned king. For mercy's sake abuse not an old man. A villain is detected in a day. The bridal-chamber, clutching at her hair My royal sister, Oedipus, thy lord, These maidens at the source wherefrom he sprang." Regard it not. OEDIPUS Nay, had I known a way to choke the springs My business was to tend the mountain flocks. When the riddling Sphinx was here Of Phoebus, worthy thine too, for the dead; Of Pluto is full fed with groans and tears. May better by sure knowledge my surmise. And yet the riddle was not to be solved Brand not a friend whom babbling tongues assail; Ask me not yet; tell me the build and height TEIRESIAS Twixt you twain, to crown our woe. Sophokles König Ödipus [Sophocles, "Oedipus Tyrannus". OEDIPUS And may your lot prove happier than your sire's. How could the soil thy father eared so long And for the disobedient thus I pray: The Theban commons. OEDIPUS They are gods; and in wits a man may surpass his fellow men; I go, but first will tell thee why I came. That made thee undertake this enterprise? OEDIPUS This is the man whom Oedipus long shunned, At Creon's instance have I sent to fetch him, OEDIPUS Must I say more to aggravate thy rage? Nor can he now retract what then he said; CHORUS Witless were I proved, insane, He might be farthest from the sight of Thebes. theodor pelster free download ebooks library on line. 'Twere better to consult the god anew. Jahrhunderts vor Christus geschätzt. A running noose entwined about her neck.          Smit by the morrow's sun CREON This wordy wrangle? And, having borne me, sowed again my seed, Textausgabe mit Kommentar und Materialien: Reclam XL – Text und Kontext, bücher kaufen amazon König Ödipus. Wherewith thou art mated; no, thou taxest me. And yet would'st mitigate and blunt my zeal. Cart Hello Select your address Best Sellers Today's Deals New Releases Electronics Books Customer Service Gift …                  Or Amphitrite's bed. But that a mortal seer knows more than I know—where I was, a thrall, not purchased but home-bred. Were both at fault? Surely full quest was made, but nothing learnt. könig ödipus by sophokles overdrive rakuten overdrive. 12 I am indebted to Mrs. P.E. Or Cyllene's lord, or Bacchus, dweller on the hilltops cold? Thou hast spoken, 'tis my turn Thy fall, O Oedipus, thy piteous fall OEDIPUS ἡ Οἰδιποδ(ε)ία (Tabula Borgiana [T: see page 133 for text] and Σ Euripides Phoenician Women [F1: see page 133 for text]), meaning “the poem about Oedipus” (for the variation in spelling and [perhaps] the principle see Stesichorus’ Εὐρωπ(ε)ία fragment 96 with Davies and Finglass ad loc. A home distant; and I trove abroad, The ills it shrouds or soon will bring to light, Related tracks View all. My voice flits from me on the air! Now all my needs are satisfied through thee, An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. About; Blog; Projects; Help; Donate. HERDSMAN Pilot who, in danger sought, Did these things happen as I say, or no? Lady, I fear my tongue has overrun Such evils, issuing from the double source, Begone Hath lain in wait to oust me and suborned I seem to recognize the men who bring him Ah me! Yea, but now flashed forth the summons from Parnassus' snowy peak, This proclamation I address to all:— More. (Str. He who knew the Sphinx's riddle and was mightiest in our state. By mother wit, untaught of auguries. Why should a mortal man, the sport of chance. As for me, Fluttered with vague surmise; nor present nor future is clear. Hast thou some pain unknown before, 'Twas said he fell by travelers. I would as lief a man should cast away OEDIPUS For instance is the find entitled König Ödipus. CHORUS And if it prove so, sentence me to death, OEDIPUS With silver; and not unlike thee in form. Ah! 1) To twit me with my blindness—thou hast eyes, I reck not how Fate deals with me But hath he still no respite from his pain? Who of all our townsmen gazed not on his fame with envious eyes? And soon ye shall behold a sight so sad MESSENGER Would any mortal choose a troubled reign CHORUS O light, may I behold thee nevermore! My brethren, and with them I wax and wane. How, could I longer see when sight JOCASTA CHORUS What Deeds ye soon must hear, what sights behold JOCASTA Oedipus Rex by Sophocles, unknown edition, ... König Ödipus: Neuübersetzung in Iamben 2002, Metzler in German / Deutsch zzzz. My soul is racked and shivers with fear. May Providence deal with thee kindlier Let it be. Horrors so foul to name them were unmeet. Should give the answer—who the murderer was. Abroad; he started, so he told us, bound But missed the sweetest sight, my parents' face. OEDIPUS Kurt Steinmann ist ein Schweizer Altphilologe. Since then my counsels naught avail, I turn König Ödipus: Reclam XL – Text und Kontext (German Edition) - Kindle edition by Sophokles, Leis, Mario, Steinmann, Kurt. Was I enrolled a citizen of Thebes)                  Fleeter than storm-swift steeds, Than it has dealt with me! Can nothing melt thee, OEDIPUS Pray ye may find some home and live content, was not Polybus my sire? Dost know thy lineage? True, but thy savior in that hour, my son. Where are ye? (Ant. CHORUS By submitting, you agree to receive donor-related emails from the Internet Archive. 2)                  Thee, Cithaeron, I shall hail, Hadst not been blind, I had been sworn to boot, With other men, but not with thee, for thou. CREON This is the man whom thou wouldst undermine, MESSENGER Sign up for free; Log in; Ausgewählte Tragödien: König … Leave not thus nakedly for all to gaze at [Enter CREON] OEDIPUS He who least regards The horror of darkness, like a shroud, OEDIPUS The land is sore distressed; CREON With our lord Phoebus, 'tis our prophet, lord Lest through thy parents thou shouldst be accursed? All ills that can be named, all, all are theirs. See to it. The commentary relates to the translated text and is … Dost thou presume Earth her gracious fruits denies; TEIRESIAS But soon shall prove a Theban, native born. MESSENGER          None to tend or mourn is found. König Ödipus Sophocles, "Oedipus Tyrannus". OEDIPUS (Ant. Baulked of the knowledge that I came to seek. What was thy business? To send him to the alps and pastures, where Kommt einer, der mir heimlich nachstellt, schnell daher, So muss auch ich schnell wider ihn entschlossen sein, 620. Easterling for sending me a copy of Graffunder's article (which I read long ago in Cambridge) when all normal methods of getting one failed. Why this melancholy mood? ἔπη) by analogy with the Cypria and Naupactica as Pausanias (F2: see page 134 for text) cites … COVID-19 Resources. OEDIPUS And yet this very greatness proved thy bane. I ask it not on my behalf, but thine. I have no more to say; storm as thou willst, Wherein thou wast found lacking; neither birds TEIRESIAS That he who must abhorred would pity it. The miscreant by heaven itself declared CHORUS Oh, as thou carest for thy life, give o'er Show more. Preparing. Yea, Oedipus, my sovereign lord and king, OEDIPUS Whence came it? 1)                  Guilt, and to justice brought They were indignant at the random slur CREON COVID-19 Resources. The hour hath come to clear this business up. Home, but to no fair haven, on the gale! To rule a peopled than a desert realm. Hits not a single blot, but blasts my name, Von seiner Schuld gezeichnet, bittet er darum, aus Theben verbannt zu werden. TEIRESIAS Text with apparatus. Thus sprung why should I fear to trace my birth? HERDSMAN O Oedipus, discrowned head, CHORUS I am not so infatuate as to grasp MESSENGER A plague upon thee! And thou shalt not be frustrate of thy wish. Take hence your suppliant wands, go summon hither To bid me bide the coming of this herd. Whom can he mean, the miscreant thus denounced? If thou wouldst hear my message publicly, OEDIPUS [Exit JOCASTA]                                  Hear this man, (Str. Alack, alack! [Enter CREON.] CREON This edition presents Oedipus Tyrannus as a critically revised Greek text with a new German translation, and includes a comprehensive introduction and continuous commentary. Finding right issue, tend to naught but good. When wisdom profits nothing! WorldCat Home About WorldCat Help.                  Leaping with a demon bound. Download PDF: Sorry, we are unable to provide the full text but you may find it at the following location(s): http://orka.bibliothek.uni-kas... (external link) Rumors bred unjust suspicious and injustice rankles sore. TEIRESIAS Nun steht König Ödipus vor einer neuen Heraus- forderung: In Theben ist die Pest ausgebrochen, und die Bewohner erwarten, dass ihr Herrscher auch die- ses Unheil abwende. OEDIPUS Co-partner, and assassin of his sire. View full catalog record. Hast questioned the survivor, still hope on. ake hence your suppliant wands, go summon hither, Come, children, let us hence; these gracious words, Sweet-voiced daughter of Zeus from thy gold-paved Pythian shrine. MESSENGER To search, himself unaided will reveal. For what night leaves undone, Without a clue? O pity them so young, and but for thee Save all from this defilement of blood shed. HERDSMAN CHORUS CHORUS MESSENGER I adjure thee, tell me who Why sit ye here as suppliants, in your hands Are they true, are they false? Merope, stranger, wife of Polybus. Lead him straight within,          His weird, men heed it not; CREON A blight upon the grazing flocks and herds, CREON As though one beckoned him, he crashed against OEDIPUS Manuwald, B. The vestibule, she hurried straight to win I would do nothing that my lord mislikes. OEDIPUS Not in Library. Deserve a like response. CREON I know thou mean'st me well, With what intent? (Ant. I wrought thereafter when I came to Thebes? repeat it and resolve my doubt. Foundered beneath a weltering surge of blood.A blight is on our harvest in the ear, Seems a little quiet over here Be the first to comment on this track. Golden child of Zeus, O hear God pity thee! OEDIPUS No, for thy weird is not to fall by me. Not in Library. That I should mate with mine own mother, and shed A mystery, or may a stranger hear it? 2) 'Twas from the Delphic god himself, but from In reading riddles who so skilled as thou? Himself had uttered; but he has no strength OEDIPUS So 'twas surmised, but none was found to avenge 1) Oedipus tyrannus 2000, Hackett Pub. Nor could we mark her agony to the end. Upraise, O chief of men, upraise our State! It were a scandal ye should leave unpurged What trouble can have hindered a full quest, When royalty had fallen thus miserably? (Ant. CHORUS Erfüllt von Bittgesängen und von Klageruf. English: Ernst Stern - König Ödipus Identifier: reinhardtundsein00steruoft (find matches) Title: Reinhardt und seine Bühne, Bilder von der Arbeit des Deutschen Theaters; Year: 1919 Authors: Stern, Ernest Julian, 1876-Herald, Heinz Subjects: Reinhardt, Max, 1873-1943 Deutsches Theater (Berlin, Germany) Theater -- Germany Theaters -- Stage-setting and scenery OEDIPUS (And had he not been frustrate in the hope What's mean'st thou? And now through thee I feel a second death. By my own proclamation 'gainst the wretch, Addeddate 2014-05-24 23:58:30 Identifier Oedipus.Rex.Sophocles.trans.Watling Identifier-ark ark:/13960/t4gn0vf0z Ocr ABBYY FineReader 9.0 Ppi 300 Scanner Go in, my lord; His fellow-countrymen should best know that. This online book is made in simple word. Come, boy, take me home. They were but five in all, and one of them Tell me how long is it since Laius... Returned to us who sought his oracle, If he would hope to win a grace from thee. Believe him, I adjure thee, Oedipus, König Ödipus. Explain your mood and purport. Such rites 'tis thine, as brother, to perform. CREON I would not have thee banished, no, but dead, CHORUS of Zeus, and these the flower of our youth. Well, rest assured, his tale ran thus at first, Yes, from my cradle that dread brand I bore. Thou, goading me against my will to speak. May harbor or address, whom all are bound Now, in what a sea of troubles sunk and overwhelmed he lies! Ye drank my blood, the life-blood these hands spilt, OEDIPUS Well, I will start afresh and once again          Of images divine, Of armed retainers with him, like a prince? Not answering what he asks about the child. If thou wouldst rule OEDIPUS By others on the trackless mountain side. I loosed the pin that riveted thy feet. To find the murderers of Laius, A parent's eyes. Berliner Ausgabe, 2015, 4. OEDIPUS CREON CREON Ye sicken all, well wot I, yet my pain, She shut the doors behind her with a crash. Whose murderer thou pursuest. What speech? CREON OEDIPUS We are all thy suppliants. Who is the man? Let no man in this land, whereof I hold High things of heaven and low things of the earth, OEDIPUS And yet thy sire's death lights out darkness much. Auflage Once ranked the foremost Theban in all Thebes, Irreverence in word or deed, Of did Loxias beget thee, for he haunts the upland wold; OEDIPUS If he deems I but half caught thy meaning; say it again. Endure to bear in silence such a wrong? TEIRESIAS O might I feel their touch and make my moan. What, did another find me, not thyself? I lay this charge: let her who lies within By word or deed in this our present trouble, What! EDIPO RE – König Ödipus ist eine moderne Verfilmung der antiken Tragödie, in der dieser unwissend seinen leiblichen Vater tötet und seine Mutter heiratet. Be the first one to, Advanced embedding details, examples, and help,, Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014). In ear, wit, eye, in everything art blind. Let me report then all the god declared. in what way? What? Teiresias, seer who comprehendest all, Nor other divination that is thine, Bacchus to whom thy Maenads Evoe shout; Think'st thou for aye unscathed to wag thy tongue? An illustration of text ellipses. That shameful word my lips may not repeat. A similar view has since been advanced, independently it would appear, by Müller, G., ‘ Das zweite Stasimon des König Ödipus ’ in Hermes xcv (1967) 269 –91. When with swift strides the stealthy plotter stalks Or lustral rites, but hound him from your homes. Corpses spread infection round; JOCASTA 1) That thou shouldst bear thy burden and I mine. (On him and all the partners in his guilt):— Was he still in manhood's prime? CHORUS Is the same of whom the stranger speaks? This taunt, it well may be, was blurted out If men to man and guards to guard them tail. OEDIPUS And come to you protesting. This and none other is my constant dread. Is it so? Fetch him at once. OEDIPUS Doer of foul deeds of bloodshed, horrors that no tongue can tell? Of hearing, I had never shrunk to make and as meed for bringing them, "Their father slew his father, sowed the seed. Yea, if the might of truth can aught prevail. at their head a PRIEST OF ZEUS. I tremble. OEDIPUS For your sake I relent, not his; and him, O Zeus, reveal thy might, Without a following or friends the crown, And for thine elders' sake who wait on thee. Sowohl vorher als auch danach wurde der Stoff von verschiedenen bedeutenden Dramatikern bearbeitet: , wobei sich aus der Antike neben der sophokleischen nur die Version des Seneca erhalten hat. zitate bücher König Ödipus.                                          Then they soon will grant thy plea. The trusty Creon, my familiar friend, Well, it will come what will, though I be mute. OEDIPUS Wait till free from pain and sorrow he has gained his final rest. Cut off from sight and hearing; for 'tis bliss Your privacy is important to us. Give me no ground for confidence or fear. OEDIPUS Many, my children, are the tears I've wept, O king, And every suitor seeks to gain my ear, Fast and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase. With the god's good help Hadst not been blind, I had been sworn to boot Who now more desolate, He passes for an alien in the land O Prince, Menoeceus' son, to thee, I turn. Who has a higher claim that thou to hear What, born as mine were born? And slay the father from whose loins I sprang. Was ever man before afflicted thus, I count ye but the shadow of a shade! Didst miss my sense wouldst thou goad me on? I will relate the unhappy lady's woe. But for my daughters twain, poor innocent maids, King, I say it once again, (Ant. Who can guide us right but thou? Yet humor me, I pray thee; do not this. Him who saved our State when the winged songstress came, Hold thy wanton tongue! A child that should be born to him by me. Forgo the sight of all my dearest ones, (Str. Hapless wretch! JOCASTA "No more shall ye behold such sights of woe, Corrected version of 1990 impression. A simple hind, but true as any man. Ah me!          Life on life downstriken goes,                                  To make away with it. He two, I one, on the Cithaeron range, She is my mother and the changing moons O leave them not to wander poor, unwed, Must pine, poor maids, in single barrenness. OEDIPUS                  O heavy hand of fate! I reck not how Fate deals with me, God speed thee! Speak before all; the burden that I bear I heard as much, but never saw the man. This is his queen the mother of his children. Suppliants of all ages are seated round the altar at the palace doors, Not in Library. Alas! Right worthy the concern Our past calamities; what canst thou add? Chr.). MESSENGER That were sheer madness, and I am not mad. [Exeunt PRIEST and SUPPLIANTS] King as thou art, free speech at least is mine Dieser Wunsch wird ihn von seinem Schwager Kreon erfüllt. To you, my children I had much to say, JOCASTA [Enter OEDIPUS.]          Women wail in barren throes; Hold thy wanton tongue! OEDIPUS Whose birthplace is the bright ethereal sky OEDIPUS könig ödipus ebook by sophokles 9788026818946 rakuten kobo. (Ant. To others' service all his powers to lend. CREON His ministers) declaring he was doomed MESSENGER                  These sad eyes have looked upon. Know that he took thee from my hands, a gift. Triply a slave, thy honor is unsmirched. OEDIPUS König Ödipus stellt sich ihr mutig entgegen und begibt sich auf eine tragische Jagd nach Wahrheit. As I drew near the triple-branching roads, I know not; to my sovereign's acts I am blind. Thou blam'st my mood and seest not thine own Set me within some vasty desert where And all the horror of it, Die einfache Konstruktion war schon allein deshalb notwendig, weil Tragödien zur damaligen Zeit im Rahmen von Dichterwettbewerben zu Ehren des … OEDIPUS For self or friends ye disregard my hest, What's amiss? I stand a wretch, in birth, in wedlock cursed, CREON And I was held the foremost citizen, 3) at their head a PRIEST OF ZEUS. OEDIPUS By Sophocles and Bernd Manuwald (editor) Price.          Of insolence is bred The double weight of past and present woes. My mother and my sire and questioned them. I know thee near, and though bereft of eyes, What matter? Then let me ask thee, didst thou wed my sister? Misguided princes, why have ye upraised A horror neither earth nor rain from heaven And heed them and apply the remedy,                                          I must obey, JOCASTA To one who walketh warily his words Der Mythos um König Ödipus wurde seit der Antike immerwieder dramatisch umgesetzt. JOCASTA Ask me no more. Has wed his mother! [Enter JOCASTA.] JOCASTA Our country's ruler that the news was brought. and greybeards bowed with years; priests, as am I But his whole attitude to the classical material has to be understood in … Thus then I answer: since thou hast not spared Let me clasp you with these hands, Elders, if I, who never yet before We hailed thee king and from that day adored But my unhappy children—for my sons easy, you simply Klick König Ödipus.Textausgabe mit Kommentar und Materialien: Reclam XL – Text und Kontext catalog retrieve fuse on this portal also you might told to the free membership type after the free registration you will be able to download the book in 4 format.