I personally prefer to play with a controller, so I had an Xbox controller connected during all gameplay and didn't mind the computer running at about 80-85°C because I was not really touch it. *optional. When using the computer for office tasks, I got about 4-5 hours of battery life, so it was a little better but not impressive in my opinion. Both will support the new AMD … Definitely in the reasonable range for a gaming laptop. Enjoy Godfall™ and World of Warcraft®: Shadowlands with MSI gaming laptop powered by AMD Radeon™ RX 5000 Series graphics. Enjoy an unprecedented increase in speed and performance for multitasking and heavy workloads in the newest generation of powerful gaming laptops. Apex Legends on all Ultra settings while streaming no problem The 1660 Ti is NOT Max Q and runs at the maximum 80 watt power limit for the GPU. On the lowest settings it was about 130 fps. I recommend this laptop. It has plenty of USB ports for a laptop cooler, wired mouse and headphones. I even gamed a couple of hours with the laptop on my thighs and never felt like I had to remove it because it was getting too hot. Also I should note the charger is huge! Dell really suffers from not paying enough attention to the design of these and this was really disappointing. Or, just buy a cooling pad, thermal is terrible. The testing is not a representation of MSI products satisfying U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) requirements or for military use. I am still trying to figure out to to keep the keyboard lit at all times. June 24, 2020. lovish. I tried to get a good pic but it does not show up well in pictures. Damage under such test conditions is not covered by MSI’s standard warranty. Although we endeavor to present the most precise and comprehensive information at the time of publication, a small number of items may contain typography or photography errors. For a little over $1000, this little machine is a monster. The spec says Ethernet is 10/100 is it really just 100 max or can it have 10/100/1000 gigabit speed? After 20 minutes of messing with it I was stumped. A cooling pad is mandatory as you can see. first is no freesync panel and I liked the chassis design better on my old laptop this g5 reminds me of a old ps1 gray plastic body but for the price and productivity of the laptop there is no better deal for the price. SmartShift is the technology that makes this work and although I can’t see it shifting, it must be working as intended because my games ran smooth with zero no problems. AMD FreeSync™ Premium equips serious gamers with a fluid, tear-free gameplay experience at peak performance. I'D HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS DELL TO ALL YOU GAMERS!! is it 1 TB in total or 1 TB for each SSD ? You can upgrade the RAM but since the current RAM configuration is 2 x 4 GB, you will need to replace it with 2 x 8 GB RAM. Over on Twitter, Videocardz commented it has been three and a half months since those … You should be able to play anything you like on this and it will be fine. I’d give this to a younger kid or my parents and they would be very happy. SỞ HỮU RADEON RX 5000M SERIESNHẬN NGAY GAME KHỦNG1. So it has a gigabit lan port. Includes an AMD Ryzen™ 4600H processor and an exclusive AMD Radeon™ 5600 graphics card with AMD SmartShift technology to shift power between your processor … Newest Dell G5 SE 5505 15.6" FHD IPS High Performance Gaming Laptop, AMD 4th Gen Ryzen 5 4600H 6-core, 8GB RAM, 256GB PCIe SSD, Backlit Keyboard, AMD Radeon RX 5600M, Windows 10 Review - Read full review for Newest Dell G5 SE 5505 15.6" FHD IPS High Performance Gaming Laptop, AMD 4th Gen Ryzen 5 4600H 6-core, 8GB RAM, 256GB PCIe SSD, Backlit Keyboard, AMD Radeon RX 5600M… #=====# The goal of this community is to provide a wide variety of information for those considering an AMD laptop… I ran an OCCT stress test to test stability for 2 hours. Dell G5 15 SE Gaming Laptop. The results are way closer than I was expecting.. Powered by the most advanced technology. I stream on 720p 30fps using this laptop with no problem (PS: do not blame the laptop if your upload speed is only 2mbps or lower, do not expect you can stream on that upload speed) RX 5600M vs GTX 1660 Ti – 20 Game Laptop Comparison! After going through all of the Windows and Dell registration stuff, I recommend you download all Dell updates (bios, drivers, Alien Command Center, etc.) AMD’s Radeon RX 5600M GPUs are expected to be paired alongside the Ryzen 4000 “Renoir” notebooks, bringing the fight to NVIDIA’s GTX 1650 and 1660 Ti mobile graphics chips. Now for a gaming test with Game Shift enabled. ... On average out of the 20 games tested at the highest setting level, which is typically most GPU heavy, the Radeon RX 5600M was 0.2% slower than the GTX 1660 Ti, so on average they’re basically performing the same. Product specification, functions and appearance may vary by models and differ from country to country. Validation process is done in laboratory conditions. It has the cool backlit keyboard you expect in a gaming machine for extra fun in your experience. Dell G5 15 SE 2020 Model Gaming Laptop ( Ryzen™ 5 4600H, 8GB, 256GB + 1TB HDD, RX 5600M, W10 ) Lenovo Legion Y540 144Hz Gaming Laptop ( I7-9750H, 16GB, 1TB … May vary by configuration. These are the temps I was seeing: Full load GPU/CPU in Celsius: 66/81 degrees without using the Game shift (Fn shift 7) and 59/84 degrees with Game shift. The game really took advantage of the 144Hz display. Good luck! how many M.2 SSD slots in it ? There are no compromises, game confidently with a high refresh rate, low framerate compensation, and low latency. Best, Bryan 1-800-624-9896, Answered 2 weeks ago by jw21575Verified Purchase, G5 15.6" Gaming Laptop - 144Hz - AMD Ryzen 7 - 8GB Memory - AMD Radeon RX 5600M - 512GB Solid State Drive, Microsoft Office 30 Day Trial, McAfee LiveSafe 30 Day Trial, 2 tuned speakers with nahimic 3D Audio for Gamers. Microsoft 365 Family (Up to 6 People) (12-Month Subscription-Auto Renew) - Android, Chrome, Mac, Windows, iOS [Digital]. Speed is excellent even for some of the higher end gaming which normally struggles with other gaming laptops around this price point. Seeing 2 USB 2.0 connections was a little disappointing. My only suggestion is, wait for this to go on sale again.. Dell laptops tend to go on sale very often. So to summarize, I'd highly recommend this machine, it's unbelievably powerful, fast and running in 4K it absolutely puts the current console, yes including the Xbox One X (which I also have), to absolute shame in regards to graphics and fluidity (which is absolutely just as important as graphics). The battery charges relatively fast. For a home/office computer – it’s bulky and not that great looking, but it’s extremely fast for any task you put the computer up against. AMD has just introduced its new Ryzen 7 4000H-series mobile APUs as well as the Radeon RX 5600M GPUs and Dell is among the first companies to use both it … 2 comments Acer Nitro 5 2020 Laptop - Ryzen 5 4600H GTX 1650 - Fortnite FPS Test [check the temps] Nice display, good key feel, decent battery live and good processor speed. Same, I'm trying to find a Ryzen 4900H & RX 5700M Laptop right meow. Dell deserves kudos for their design here. ĐỐI TƯỢNG THAM GIA:Các khách hàng mua các sản phẩm Laptop sử dụng 1 trong các dòng card màn hình AMD Radeon RX 5000 mobile series tại Hangchinhh I ran through some diagnostics making sure all the drivers were up to date including any Windows 10 updates and their were no heat issues, So I can say my first hour wasn't very fun and I became a little frustrated. The fans are quite but they are also not too loud where your gameplay sound is negatively affected. I use the laptop for games and streaming. 19 June Radeon RX 6800 vs Nvidia RTX 3070 - GPU Comparison JT in Hardware. Both have 6GB of GDDR6 memory at same speeds.. This is a beautiful machine that you will not feel ashamed of opening up on the airplane or in a coffee shop. The names and logos of third party products and companies shown on our website and used in the materials are the property of their respective owners and may also be trademarks. Look is not classy....but what gaming laptop is. Speakers are sub par, but I use my Rig 800's Dolby Atmos for sound anyway. I found the Dell to be reliable and speeds ok. 16 GB would be more appropriate. User rating, 4.1 out of 5 stars with 176 reviews. Is this an underpowered variant or is it an error in the description of the laptop? And if you want to watch a quick unboxing here is a quick link that I posted on YouTube - https://youtu.be/wVhkhVTm47c Dell G5 15 SE with AMD Ryzen 9 4900H and Radeon RX 5600M graphics By Andrei Girbea - @ andreigirbea , last updated on May 15, 2020 Dell’s Gaming lineup kicks things off in 2020 with a brand-new Dell G5 15 SE (Special Edition) built on AMD Ryzen-H 4000 Series processors and up to AMD Radeon RX 5600M Mobile graphics, unveiled at CES 2020. The 5600M was coming out ahead of the 1660 Ti at all but ultra settings. I saw the CPU hit a max of 108C and GPU hit 85C. Dell G5 15 Gaming Laptop: With Next Generation AMD Ryzen 7 4800H Mobile Processor with Radeon Graphics, you can revel in powerful performance without interrupting your gaming, streaming or videos. I then hooked it up to my 65" 4K Samsung HDTV and for some reason everything was slowed down a good bit. - battery is terrible, only around 3hrs The keyboard feels really nice while gaming. The battery is not great. Radeon RX 5600M sinh ra là để nâng tầm sức mạnh laptop của bạn. This allows for … Amazon.com: Newest Dell G5 SE 5505 15.6" FHD IPS High Performance Gaming Laptop, AMD 4th Gen Ryzen 5 4600H 6-core, 32GB RAM, 512GB PCIe SSD, Backlit Keyboard, AMD Radeon RX 5600M, … On the Modern Warfare benchmark, the RX 5600 XT (the desktop version of the RX 5600M) nailed 92 frames per second, sliding past the GTX 1660 Ti's 82 fps. I clicked yes and waited. But it then worked and gave me a couple of choices for lighting (I do love the lighting) and I was off and installing. The fans are a little loud but you do not hear them with a headset on. - if you are sensitive about fan noise, this is slightly louder than a razer laptop. AMD Radeon RX 5600M - benchmark tests, specifications and information. I test my WiFi and got an average of 150 mbps from my internet via my WiFi. If it weren’t for the ads, LaptopMedia wouldn’t be running. Some products and configuration may not be available in all markets or launch time differs. This ensures that all modern games will run on Radeon RX 5600M. Also, if you haven't had a chance to update the BIOS on your computer we'd recommend that you look for the most up to date version here: https://dell.to/31CU4mu. One of my foster kids came up to my game room from playing Grand Theft Auto 5 on the Xbox One and saw me playing the same game on the Dell and exclaimed "how's come yours looks SO MUCH BETTER??" For a lot of detailed bench marking information, I recommend you check the review on hothardware dot com. When I opened the box I thought, “did they send me something from their museum?” The case design, thickness and weight is reminiscent of something from the early nineties. When not running a game it's dead quiet though. RX 5600M vs GTX 1660 Ti - 20 Game Laptop Comparison! In-store pricing may vary. It looked amazing but ran with too much slowdown. Of course this is a gaming laptop so my expectations were low. It comes with 3-cell lithium-ion battery. After all the updates I retried the game and it worked flawlessly. Overall this is an impressive laptop for a reasonable price. FYI you will need to download a driver update because I tried playing Warzone right out of the box and I was getting some color errors, so upload your drivers before gaming! MSI trademarks and copyrighted materials may be used only with written permission from MSI. Finally I restarted the program and it asked me to get additional software from the internet in order to update the Alienware software. Temperature is one main concern with any electronics. You can probably get an hour no charge gaming. Pro Tip: If that works, checkout as fast as you can. Test results do not guarantee future performance under these test conditions. - design.. well its personal preference I do recommend this laptop with 4 stars. It passed with flying colors. Under a very light load I got about 2.5 hours. The results are way closer than I was expecting.. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved. There is a 4 zone backlit for your keyboard. 8GB of RAM (2 x 4GB) is a little disappointing for this price. At ultra settings the 1660 Ti had the biggest lead out of any game tested at max settings, but I’d argue with these lower frame rates it … The fact is people are interested in this laptop because it has powerful specs and it's the first laptop fully powered by AMD, and it sounds like it’s going to be the only one for 2020. Which graphics should you get in your laptop, the Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti or Radeon RX 5500M? Fans are fairly quiet and picture quality is solid. This is 2 x 4GB of RAM. With these game-ready features, you’re prepared to conquer every game battles. MSI Alpha 15 – 7nm Technology Gaming Laptop. No Comments. MSI, MSI gaming, dragon, and dragon shield names and logos, as well as any other MSI service or product names or logos displayed on the MSI website, are registered trademarks or trademarks of MSI. I've been a longtime Dell fan, having purchased their products in the past, but there's no question some of the competition has been pretty formidable as well. Most of the modern connections are there: Mini DisplayPort, HDMI, Thunderbold, hi-speed USB, SD reader. Under load/gaming I got about 50 minutes on battery only. The bad: I was worried about the 8GB RAM, but the laptop seems to handle everything without a problem. It does it all, but it’s heavy and not so elegant as my wife's metal MacBook. Whether that's the new powerhouse Renoir Ryzen 4000 series laptops to embedded Ryzen NUCs. Supplies are limited. Both have 6GB of GDDR6 memory at same speeds.. Once I got over those issues, the actual function on the machine is more what I expect from Dell. I gave it 4 stars only because of all the issues I had in the beginning and the battery life. how many cells in the battery? It took me a few weeks to get over my initial disappointment with this Dell G5 Gaming Laptop. Dell’s G5 15 SE is focused. It also hints at laptop vendors pairing the mobile GPU with … First I would like to say I had a few issues when launching my first game which was Escape from Tarkov. Then there are the Radeon RX 5700M and 5600M GPUs. Prices and offers are subject to change. how many cells is the battery ? Not only did I want a good, or maybe even great, machine for on the go, more importantly I was looking for a laptop that I could use on my 65" 4K HDTV to game on. Can I upgrade the RAM to 16 gb with an additional RAM stick? I tested Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Built on the 7 nm process, and based on the Navi 10 graphics processor, in its Navi 10 XME variant, the chip supports DirectX 12. It does not support 2.5" storage form factor. AMD Radeon RX 5600M 6 GB Mobility GPU Benchmarked in 3DMark – Almost On Par With NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 2060 Notebook GPU. what is the maximum memory support? Testing done by AMD performance labs May 04 2020 on Dell 15 G5 SE, Ryzen 7 4800H with RX 5600M 6GB, 32GB DDR4-3200Mhz, AMD Driver 20.10.02-200401a-354027E, with SmartShift ON vs. the same laptop … Built using the latest breakthrough 7nm technology, up to AMD Ryzen™ 7 4800H Mobile Processor, and up to AMD Radeon™ RX 5600M Graphics, Alpha 15 delivers desktop-caliber performance in a gaming laptop. Surprisingly, this did help with cooling and I noticed the temp dropped to about 75°C. The AMD Radeon RX 5600M (or RX 5600 Mobile Graphics) is a mobile mid-range graphics card based on the Navi 10 chip (RDNA architecture) manufactured in the modern 7nm process. You get the AMD4800H with 5600M dedicated graphics for a reasonable price. Your Dell G5 15 5505 supports two M.2 2230/2280 solid-state drives and you can upgrade up to a max of 32 GB of DDR4 3200 Mhz RAM. These are the differences in specs between these two options.. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Dell Gaming 15 5505 Laptop 15.6 FHD 120Hz AMD Ryzen 5 Radeon RX 5600M 6GB GDDR6 at the … Adobe product box shots reprinted with permission from Adobe Systems Incorporated. BEST BUY, the BEST BUY logo, the tag design, and MY BEST BUY are trademarks of Best Buy and its affiliated companies. The Dell G5 Special Edition with all AMD CPU/GPU is a great contender for the gaming laptop marketplace. This is much higher than I would like. They make products that are more affordable but yet deliver in performance. I got a little over an hour before plugging in when gaming. phoenixfta, We're sorry that the design and size of your new computer is not meeting your needs. SmartShift basically controls the power management between GPU and CPU. Assuming this is a Radeon RX 5600M, the benchmark listing suggests performance will be on par with a full fat GeForce RTX 2060. I already own an Alienware Aurora R9 and it’s a beast of a gaming PC, but I wanted something to game on the go and capable of doing office taks now that I find myself working from home regularly. To download the full Radeon suite is 109Gb so that is likely why Dell didn't have the laptop come with the full suite of AMD Radeon software. Adobe® products are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.Autodesk screen shots reprinted courtesy of Autodesk, Inc. MIL-STD 810G testing is conducted on select MSI products. I will get one with 4 outside small fans and one large center fan. The clock speed of the cores will depend on the laptop according to AMD. FidelityFX enhances stunning visual fidelity while reducing GPU workload, improving both visual quality and performance. Similarly, when playing Warzone in Ultra Settings, I was getting a consistent 80-90FPS. CoD Warzone on High settings no problem, when streaming I tone it down to normal, though I have not experienced any problem on high settings. Dell Home & Office has Dell G5 15.6" SE Gaming Laptop on sale for $699.99. and does it support 2.5" SATA HDD or not ? They start at around $900 with a six-core Ryzen 5 … * Tested with AMD Ryzen™ 7 4800H Mobile Processors, AMD Radeon™ RX 5600M Graphics and dual-channel DDR4-3200 memory. I is crystal clear and amazing. The system display has a brightness of 300 nits. Much of the gaming notebook scene still revolves around 1080p, with innovations in the areas of refresh rates. First of all the 512Gb SSD is an amazing drive, and yes this laptop boots up in less than 10 seconds, but if you want to game a lot you should consider buying more storage space, either upfront or like me, adding on a 1TB external SSD. With an AMD CPU/GPU combination, you get the advantage of SmartShift. The heat is a concern and you should do everything you can to cool it down while under load. MSI Alpha 15 with most advanced AMD Ryzen™ 7 4000 series mobile processor and Radeon™ RX 5600M Graphics, easily handles with popular game titles with 144Hz IPS-level display ensuring sharp and clear image in a compact form factor. Dell is looking really good with the Ryzen 4800H & RX 5600M in a slightly professional looking gaming laptop. Covid-19 caused a delay in getting laptops out the door with AMD's Radeon RX 5700M and 5600M GPUs. Customize each key to your liking and receive real-time in-game status through keyboard lighting, or even watch the lights dance to your favorite tune! In fact, you will not be able to game with this sitting on your lap. No crashes which is fantastic considering my last experience using AMD (A $3,500 Falcon Northwest lan small form factor desktop which compared to this machine was more like a nightmare) but then that was 15 years ago so..... THỜI GIAN DIỄN RA: - Thời gian nhận code redeem: 14/07/2020 - 30/12/2020- Hạn chót để kích hoạt code: hết ngày 09/01/20212. If you have space to store the software I'd highly recommend getting it as it's a game launcher and does all sorts of cool things for FPS, your games, settings and etc. - Thermal is terrible, if you are planning on using this as your main gaming device buy a cooling pad to help your intake fans. 15.6" 1920 x 1080 resolution 120Hz WVA (Wide Viewing Angle) display. The program restarted and the lights still did not work. AMD Radeon RX 5600M graphics allow you to game at higher settings with crystal-clear detail and smooth gameplay. The 1660 Ti is NOT Max Q and runs at the maximum 80 watt power limit for the GPU. AMD Radeon RX 5600M - Laptop Computers & 2-in-1 PCs - Shop Dell laptops and 2-in-1s today! Not really into VR games. The results are quite … what is the maximum storage for the M.2 SSD ? Very respectable I gotta say. 144Hz Display – The colors feel a little saturated, but I personally like that. To make matters worse, the cable-to-computer connection was so sensitive that I didn’t realize it wasn’t charging on several occasions. AMD Ryzen™ 4000 H-Series Mobile Processor / AMD Radeon™ RX 5000M Series Graphics, - Promotional Period: July 14, 2020 – December 5, 2020, - Redemption Period: July 14, 2020 – January 9, 2021, Up to AMD Radeon™ RX 5600M 6GB GDDR6 Graphics, 15.6" FHD (1920x1080), 144Hz IPS-Level Thin Bezel Display, support AMD Radeon FreeSync technology (optional), 15.6" FHD (1920x1080), 120Hz IPS-Level Thin Bezel Display, support AMD Radeon FreeSync technology (optional), 15.6" Full HD (1920x1080), IPS level Thin Bezel display (optional), Per-Key RGB gaming keyboard by SteelSeries (optional), All new Dragon Center with exclusive Gaming Mode 2.0, MSI App Player for seamless gaming experience between mobile and PC. It features 2,304 cores (36 CUs - compute units) and fast GDDR6 graphics memory (12 Gbps most likely). The system is powered by a 3-cell lithium-ion battery along and supports to a max of 32 GB RAM. It had quick response time and ran very smoothly with pretty nice quality graphics. But you can use hubs for expansion. Dell G5 15 Gaming Laptop: With Next Generation AMD Ryzen 7 4800H Mobile Processor with Radeon Graphics, you can revel in powerful performance without interrupting your gaming, streaming or videos. Here is my breakdown of the good and the bad. AMD 4th Generation Ryzen 5 4600H Processor (6-core, 3.0 GHz Up To 4.0 GHz, 8 MB Cache), 8GB DDR4 Memory, 256GB PCIe SSD AMD gave both the RX 5600M and RX 5700M identical GPU core configurations to their desktop variants. A plus for me was the Performance Mode when you would press F7 and the system would automatically make the fans run at 100% speed. Shortly, the button below will turn back to yellow (unless we sell out). The RX 5700M will have a 256-bit bus though, yielding a bandwidth of 384 GB/s, while the RX 5600M will have a 288 GB/s bandwidth because of its 192-bit bus. Cons: Not clear and not loud enough, but it’s not a big issue for me since I game with my headset anyway, but for movie/video watching I wish it had better sound. From a performance standpoint we're glad that it's working well for you. Club Deadspin CPU: AMD Ryzen™ 7 4800H Mobile Processor Radeon™ Graphics RAM: 8 DDR4, 3200MHz Đĩa cứng: 256GB Solid State Drive Màn hình: 15.6" FHD (1920X1080) 144Hz Card đồ họa: AMD Radeon™ RX 5600M/ 6GB GDDR6 Bảo Hành : 1 năm The new AMD Radeon RX 5700M and RX 5600M mobile GPUs are using the same Navi GPU as their desktop counterparts, with 10.3 billion transistors fabricated on the 7 nm process. Standard use was over four hours. G5 15 (5505) Special Edition: Rated 8.3/10 "Dell’s G5 Special Edition Is the best value gaming laptop available now." If you change your selection, the current page will be refreshed. Getting the Dell setup was very easy and didn't take long. RX-488 Testing done by AMD performance labs May 4, 2020 on a Dell G5 15 SE laptop equipped with 16GB DDR4-3200MHz, Ryzen 7 4800H and Radeon RX 5600M, Win10 Pro x64 18363.592, 20.10.02 … One is taken with the 512GB drive so there is one open. AMD Radeon RX 5600M … By Hassan Mujtaba. The screen looked amazing and gameplay was crisp and responsive. Wi-Fi – Fast as expected on a gaming laptop. The AMD SmartShift technology is what makes this laptop a very capable budget laptop. - heavy and bulky for a 15’ laptop. Find the latest XPS laptops, Inspiron notebooks, high-performance Alienware … The laptop would crash immediately. So when it came time to find a reasonably priced laptop to be able to game on the go I took a look at the Dell G5 and the specs seemed to match what I was looking for. GameShift makes a HUGE difference as you can see. Dell G5 SE Gaming Laptop Might Be Leaked Featuring Ryzen 5 4600H Paired With RX 5600M GPU March 1, 2020 March 1, 2020 Asan Abdiev dell inspiron gaming g5 se , rx 5600m , ryzen 5 4600h Dell is very serious about gaming products so it’s featured gaming brands like Alienware and Inspiron are not stopping to top the gaming market segment. and can i add a sata hdd or not ? The AMD Radeon RX 5600M will debut in 1080p gaming laptops like the Dell G15 SE (pictured above), and come with a 192-bit memory bus and 6 GB of GDDR6 memory. — Slickdeals. I used some free games, CAD and graphics programs and heavy-dynamic websites (multiple updated data streams). Alpha 15 ignites the gaming laptop world by combining the most advanced 7nm technology AMD Ryzen™ processor and Radeon™ RX graphics together, providing stunning performance and smooth gaming display with FreeSync™ Premium Technology. This is a decent gaming computer if you are playing games like Minecraft and what not but not the best for FPS. Includes an AMD Ryzen™ 4600H processor and an exclusive AMD Radeon™ 5600 graphics card with AMD SmartShift technology to shift power between your processor and graphics card. - Paul Brewer, SVP Brand Partnerships, ESL. You can also expand the hard drive with an additional drive. Today, Dell launched the G5 15 SE, a new laptop equipped with the brand new Ryzen 4000 series CPU and the Radeon RX 5600M GPU, and, for the PS5 nerds, SmartShift.