As everything took place digitally, I could ask no questions to my professors in person, just via email. Guidance for healthcare professionals on coronavirus (COVID-19) infection in pregnancy, published by the RCOG, Royal College of Midwives, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, Public Health England and Public Health Scotland. Mensa, cafeterias and cafe bars. Uni Magdeburg switches to low-contact basic operation 23.03.2020 - The restrictions on contact minimization, which have been in effect since Monday, 23.03.2020, 00:00 hrs, present new challenges for both employees and the University of Magdeburg as a whole and require drastic changes to the usual forms of organization. Toggle navigation. Bank statements from all giro/savings accounts and credit card accounts from the last two months (including your account balance at the end of the month) 3. Persons with symptoms should contact the health advice centre on 1450 (without area code from all networks). Falls Sie weitere oder allgemeine Fragen rund um den Umgang der Universität mit der Corona-Pandemie haben, wenden Sie sich bitte an unsere zentrale Anlaufstelle unter: Corona-Warn-App: We recommend all employees and students to use the Corona-Warn-App of the Robert Koch Institute (in German). Speiseplan der Mensen des Studentenwerks im Saarland e.V. Accordingly, external guests can only use our canteens and cafeterias to go until further notice. Erfahren Sie hier mehr zu den Standorten und Öffnungszeiten unserer Mensen und Cafeterien im Essener Stadtgebiet. For Oxford Brookes, the top priority through the Covid-19 crisis is the safety and well-being of our whole community. As a result of the new Corona Ordinanceof the State of Baden-Württemberg of November 2 and the resulting lower utilization of our facilities, we will have to close some of our dining halls and all our cafeterias with immediate effect and until further notice.. Corona: Current contact information. Mensa and cafeteria The Mensa and cafeteria are closed due to the state’s current legal regulations . Hotline International Office . Corona Directive EUF (Englisch) 05/29/2020 74 KB (PDF) Digital teaching formats in times of Corona virus (German only) Further information. Nevertheless, the goal is to offer a wide range of sports activities to students and employees of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena who want to keep fit at home. We will inform you, when we can open again. In our open facilities we are currently only allowed to offer food and drinks to go. Corona Last review: 16 December 2020, 15:57 Erasmus University Rotterdam stays on top of the developments and all measures regarding the coronavirus, that have been communicated by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). Campus Duisburg Please keep in mind that due to the due to the current epidemiological situation specific rules may be in place in your town/ district. Zukunftshandeln(*) in Corona-Zeiten: COVID-19 verändert das Alltagsleben radikal und sorgt für Gesprächsbedarf. Then I … Due to the latest Corona regulation, our canteens and cafeterias will remain closed until further notice. Das UDE-Forum DIVG bietet Hochschulangehörigen Orientierung, Perspektiven und Raum zum Austausch. An der UDE gilt grundsätzlich die Verpflichtung, eine Mund-Nase-Bedeckung (Maske) zu tragen. wurde vor kurzem aktualisiert und ist, wegen dem damit verbundenen Zeitaufwand, für veraltete Browser wie Internet Explorer nicht mehr verfügbar. You can now report incidents that cause concern or directly violate the applicable restrictions on account of the corona virus and Covid-19. Version 12: updated 14 October 2020. On this website, we will continuously update the information on the consequences of the corona crisis on studies and teaching at the University of Potsdam. losing your job: work contract and termination) 2. Januar 2021) verschärfte Regelungen zur Eindämmung des Infektionsgeschehens. Payment of the fees is a prerequisite for enrolling in summer semester 2020. Very badly. Falls Sie weitere oder allgemeine Fragen rund um den Umgang der Universität mit der Corona-Pandemie haben, wenden Sie sich bitte an unsere zentrale Anlaufstelle unter: Moreover, the RUB Mental Health Research and Treatment Center offers an anonymous hotline for RUB members and citizens of Bochum who suffer from mental stress or family stress due to the current corona … If you find no answer to your questions on this page, please send an e-mail to The university Mensa cafeteria is reopening From Monday, September 14, 2020, there will be 250 places available for students and staff between the hours of 11:30 a.m. and 2:15 p.m. Payment is only possible with a Mensa card. 800.00 euros.There must be no other claim for financial support in this Corona-related emergency. The university library offers introductory courses for students as a self-study program via the ILIAS learning platform. However, despite all restrictions, our university did not stand still and that is down to all of you. Universität Hohenheim > Aktuelles > Coronavirus: Die Universität Hohenheim informiert > Corona: Aktuelle Erreichbarkeit The student restaurant (also called Mensa) is located in the Waaier building. The Corona Updates Team ... Due to the Covid-19 situation in Passau, this year's festival will take place online. You can still send us your requests by e-mail or telephone, we will process them as quickly as possible. Öffnungszeiten, Gremienvertretung der akademischen Mitarbeiter*innen, Arbeitssicherheit, Gesundheit & Umweltschutz. Among other things, this means that only loans are possible at the ZHB location Uni/PH and that the library and building will close earlier. Opening hours: Mensa International Limited is a company registered in England and Wales No. Study and administrative fees: Currently there are no exceptions to the study and administrative fees due to the Corona crisis. However, due to the current corona regulation, only students and university employees are allowed to eat on site. An der UDE steht der Gesundheitsschutz für Beschäftigte und Studierende an erster Stelle. Updated 2109 GMT (0509 HKT) March 12, 2020 . Wir sind stark in Forschung und Lehre, leben Vielfalt, fördern Potenziale und engagieren uns für eine Bildungsgerechtigkeit, die diesen Namen verdient. The cafeteria in the Gräfin-Dönhoff building is also currently not open to external guests, but only to university members and associates..   Mehr Zusammenhalt Payment is made exclusively by contactless chip card. 00848100. There is a warm lunch to take away in the Mensa Rempartstraße and Institutsviertel, Freiburg. Öffnungszeiten und Speiseplan, Schützenbahn 70, 45141 Essen Current information about Corona Since 1 August 2020, RUB has been operating under Covid 19 conditions. The Corona hotline is available Monday to Friday between 8 am and 4 pm under 0234 50774567. Erasmus is all about going to lectures, attending “real” classes and getting to know new fellow students. until 31 March 2021 – to the extent that the epidemiological developments and political guidelines will permit. In all areas - studies, teaching, research, university management and administration - we had to break new ground. Colleges and universities across the US are canceling in-person classes due to coronavirus. be hung on the buildings. Mensa In accordance with the Corona Ordinance, the Mensa had to close again on 2 Nov 2020. For additional information on the upcoming spring term at the Faculty of Management, Economics and … Please inform yourself regularly about the latest developments and decisions concerning the handling of COVID-19 through the following channels: until 31 March 2021 – to the extent that the epidemiological developments and political guidelines will permit. If tenants are unable to compensate and repay the loss of income caused by the corona by then, in the worst case, they are threatened with termination. {{ }} {{ translations.index.privacy }} The rules are likely to remain in force until the end of the winter semester, i.e. Under these circumstances, it makes more sense to postpone the open day, Explora, by one year and not to hold it on 25 September 2020 as planned. Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Gebäude MM, Lotharstraße 23-25, 47057 Duisburg For any questions regarding the fees please contact the Admissions Office for foreign citizens and EU citizens Due to the wide range of courses on offer, a total of four virtual UNI-Days will be held, each with different topics. 16 March 2020: From Tuesday, 17 March 2020, all mensa, cafeterias and cafe bars of the Studentenwerk Augsburg will be closed until Friday, 17 April 2020. Öffnungszeiten, Gebäude R12, Gladbecker Straße, 45141 Essen Please check this website regularly. Diese Vorgabe gilt für alle geschlossenen Räume, allgemeinen Verkehrsflächen sowie Wartebereiche vor Gebäuden. Cafeteria The cafeteria offers snacks and drinks "to-go". Öffnungszeiten und Speiseplan, Gebäude BA, Bismarckstr. Öffnungszeiten und Speiseplan, Virchowstraße 171, 45147 Essen Corona virus – Information for CEMS cohort, spring 2020. Öffnungszeiten und Speiseplan, Gebäude T01, Segerothstr.10, 45141 Essen als Mitarbeiter/in bitte an The rules are likely to remain in force until the end of the winter semester, i.e. Alle aktuellen Regelungen, Maßnahmen- und Sicherheitskonzepte sowie Vorgaben zum Universitätsbetrieb während der Corona-Pandemie stehen Ihnen zentral zum Download zur Verfügung. UNI PHOTO-62U You can still use our login server (tux*) from home. 45141 Essen, Universitätsklinikum Forsthausweg 2 The main building is open from 9am to 8om. *Please note, these figures refer to staff and students who have reported a positive test and are currently in self-isolation. Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection and pregnancy. 47057 Duisburg, Campus Essen 1. Öffnungszeiten. If you have been diagnosed with a compulsorily notifiable disease or if there is a strong suspicion, please write to the Coronavirus Hotline of the University of Innsbruck: This is live data, reflecting current positive cases of Covid-19 (those who record negative tests or are able to return to college are not included in these figures, nor are those self-isolating due to contact with someone showing symptoms of Covid-19).   Weniger Kontakte Due to the currently high number of cases, all on-campus events and meetings that are not part of the curriculum will be cancelled until 28 February 2021 inclusive. CaSchü, Campus Schützenbahn. You’ll need to show this … The following cannot take place on campus: Courses and activities of the University Sports, The diversity of our selection enables all guests, also the ones who are restricted to specific foods due to allergies, to find something for themselves. Students who can prove for the winter semester 2020/21 that they cannot participate in the course offerings due to the Corona Pandemic can be granted leave of absence for this reason. This decision is based on the Corona Statutes of Baden-Württemberg. March 15, 2020: Due to current developments, the University of Augsburg wants to reduce personal contact and party traffic to a minimum. The opening of the Mensa Zeltschlösschen is planned for the beginning of July. After the introductory week of study from 5th - 10th October, lectures will begin on October 12th. Diese werden vom Studierendenwerk betrieben. Öffnungszeiten und Speiseplan, Gebäude MM, Lotharstr. You can access the current course offer and the courses on ILIAS via the website "Course offer" (in German).. From 19 October, 2020, access to the University Library will be regulated by a traffic light system that determines how many users are in the library. (Beschäftigte der UDE sind arbeitsrechtlich verpflichtet, eine Covid19-Infektion oder selbst den Verdacht einer Infektion ihren Vorgesetzten und dem Personaldezernat zu melden.). By Eric Levenson, Chris Boyette and Janine Mack, CNN. Of course we strictly adhere to all Corona requirements in all cafeterias. In order to support students from Clausthal who are undergoing serious financial constraints due to the corona pandemic, the TU Clausthal has set up an emergency assistance fund for students, which is financed exclusively from private funds and donations. Mensa Rempartstraße ... Due to the Corona Ordinance in force since 17 April, the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg gives students the opportunity to take leave of absence due to the pandemic. #BeatTheVirus, Diversität, Inklusion, Vereinbarkeit, Gleichstellung (DIVG), Forschungsstrategie, Prorektorat & Research Board, Ablaufübersicht und To-Do-Liste nach Quarantäneverordnung NRW, Schutzmaßnahmen und Arbeitsplatzgestaltung, Neue Ministeriumsvorgaben für Lehrbetrieb. Virchowstraße 171, 45147 Essen Öffnungszeiten und Speiseplan. Mensa HU Nord, at Hannoversche Straße, is a modern canteen within the catchment area for Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Strong evidence that your financial difficulties are due to the corona pandemic (e.g. The current situation due to Covid-19 brings with it many uncertainties for the coming weeks and months, which will have a significant impact on the entire university community. If you are unsure or have any questions about subgroups of gluten-containing cereals or nuts, please contact the mensa- … This is to prevent an increased burden on students due … Coronavirus: University students face 'anxiety, isolation and loneliness' due to COVID-19. Following the decision of the Federal Chancellor and the heads of government of the Länder on 13 December 2020, the Presidium has adapted the special infection-preventing work specifications for the period from 16 December 2020 to 10 January 2021. Diese werden vom Studierendenwerk betrieben. Coronavirus Warning App: The Corona-Warn-App helps to quickly disrupt chains of infection. Mit der überarbeiteten Coronaschutzverordnung gelten in Nordrhein-Westfalen (zunächst bis zum 10. Due to the reduced number of seats, we have to set admission restrictions in … Nie ohne Maske Despite of utmost accuracy when preparing our meals, we cannot guarantee the absolute absence of these substances and cross contaminations due to technical reasons. Party traffic reduced. Then I … Es soll zur Zusammenarbeit anregen und zum Gespräch darüber, welche faktischen Auswirkungen die Veränderungen auf individuelle Lebenssituationen haben. Current information about Corona Since 1 August 2020, RUB has been operating under Covid 19 conditions. Gelbe Cafete, Campus Essen. Lockdown: Due to the lockdown imposed by federal and state governments, we have to close all cafeterias starting December 16. Bitte aktualisiere deinen Browser damit du auf die neue Seite zugreifen kannst und auch sonst sicher im Internet unterwegs bist. Wenden Sie sich als Studierende/r bitte an, Office hours of the Bachelor-Master Office The 'Mathematikzentrum' is currently closed again.