Unlike many HJ knives we come across, this one has seen little use. The etched motto was removed from the new blades in 1938. The black chequerboard grip is in perfect condition with no wear to the chequerboard tips, and has a perfect HJ enamel diamond set to the centre. Die gröste Militaria Sammlung und der Verkauf in Italie der Repro des Dritten Reichs und Faschismus. The HJ motto “BLUT UND EHRE!” is deeply etched and retains over 85% of the dark grey background frosting. Frühe Ausführung. Die perfekt erhaltene Klinge mit Devise "Blut und Ehre ! Black checkered handle with enamel HJ swastika insert; Includes impact resistant sheath; 10 3/4" overall; This Item Cannot Ship to the Following States: NJ, MA. 5th November 2013 #2. wizardelf. Article about: heidelberg hj knife no beauty but with patina and strong motto. It has a 5 ½” long, 1” broad single edged blade. Hitler Youth Knife by … The plated blade on this one looks great! This is a classic replica with a great design. About II The obverse plate was fitted with an enameled HJ swastika insignia. The … This is one of the sought after "motto" blades (Blut und Ehre! Skip to Main Content Toggle navigation × Close … Boker & Co, Solingen. Black checkered handle with enamel HJ swastika insert; Includes impact resistant sheath; 10 3/4" overall; This Item Cannot Ship to the Following States: NJ, MA. alle Artikel 5. letzte 4 Wochen 4. letzte 2 Wochen 3. letzte Woche 3. The Hitler Youth Knife blade features the correct HJ motto, "Blut und Ehre", with the diamond insignia of the Hitler Youth inset in a black plastic grip, like the original. Fully original. Wear to steel commensurate with age. regards. From the time of the formation of the Hitler Youth to the end of the war, the Hitler Youth wore knives of this style as a part of their uniform. Become our sponsor and display your banner here. Comes with black scabbard and this Hitler Youth Knife reproduction display model is 11" overall. Außerdem haben Sie die Möglichkeit, Information über einen Hersteller, Herstellerlogo oder RZM Code … This as an early knife with the “Blood and Honor” of the Hitler Youth deeply acid etched onto one side. imo ... the piece has charisma! Meine Ehre heist treue - totenkopf mess dress badge. The 1933 HJ knife was the first official edged weapon of the Third Reich. In the modern world, using this motto as referring to Nazi symbolism and ideology is considered a crime. 03-07-2015, 02:24 PM #1. maxxx? The plated blade is in excellent condition, showing only light surface wear and runner marks, and is without nicks to cutting edge. (HJ-Dolch). Quantity : Total : You Save: $30.00 : We Suggest Other Knives On Sale - You May Be … The dagger grip is wood … Very hard to find dated HJ knives! Original blade grind has never been resharpened. Please login to view user info. German WW2 SA Naval … The Hitler Youth knife, complete with the full 'Blut und Ehre' motto, and in near-mint conditon. Verkaufe aus Altersgründen meinen originalen HJ Dolch mit "Devise" !!! This product is designed … Hitler Youth Knife. The rubber insert in … Etwas beschliffene Klinge mit doppeltem Hersteller "Tiger Solingen und RZM-Code "M7/68 1938", zweifach vernietete, einwandfreie Griffschale,das HJ-Emblem original eingesetzt, leicht beweglich, vernickeltes Stahlgefäß, brünierte Scheide, diese leicht geputzt, … Thank you image 3.jpg image.jpg image(1).jpg image(2).jpg image(3).jpg image(4).jpg. Richard Sieper ‘M4/38’ Hitler-Jugend (HJ) Hitler Youth 1 Piece Aluminium Buckle RZM Marked ‘M4/38’ (Ric for sale in Cheshire, North West, United Kingdom Der Dolch hat alle Griff- und Scheidenbeschläge in versilberter Ausführung. This knife, like much of the equipment used during this time, underwent a series of changes during the Third Reich. It has undamaged original black chequered grips, the front inset with the red and white enamel HJ diamond & black swastika. The blade has a beautiful cross grain, is still sharp (naturally, no signs of having been re-sharpened), and both the maker’s mark and the motto (Blut und Ehre!) In SS Uniforms and insignia 11-17-2011, 09:07 AM. motto (this was only present on the earlier HJ knives) Length: 10in: Condition: This knife was designed for use in the field, and as such displays some wear, including the torn snap closure to the scabbard. Here we offer a fully original … Henckels of Solingen - traditional hilt with nickle plated finish and an unusual period modification of added gems to grip With HJ enamel badge in red and white Aged undamaged condition with excellent blade. Meine Ehre heißt Treue. LH4423 View Profile View Forum Posts View Articles Offline . Blade is etched with "Blut und Ehre!". Die Scheide mit der originalen dunkelblauen Belederung. Product Description Replicated from the original 1937 weapon, this Hitler Youth Knife is great for collectors. The plating gives the blade a beautiful mirror like finish! Sehr schöner Dolch der Hitlerjugend / HJ im Top-Zustand.Hersteller: Lauterjung & Co.Solingen Tigerwerk / RZM - M7/68. Losung und Raute wurden entfernt, Klinge zur Entfernung der Losung sauber abgezogen und nicht verschliffen, Griff hat keine Ausbrüche, auf der Klinge noch ein Schatten der vormaligen Losung "Blut und Ehre" zu erkennen, alles in allem ein trotzdem schöner Dolch. The maker mark and date are on the reverse side of the blade. ", rückseitig mit Herstellerbezeichnung "RZM M 7/36". This product is designed … Translates from German to "Blood and Honor". Bookmarks. Motto. Ich bewerte nach bestem … Skip to the end of the images gallery. 6. Please note: This firm holds no sympathetic regard toward Nazis, fascists, or other neo-political parties, past or present. Comes with replica sheath. Hitlerjugend (HJ) Fahrtenmesser . Replica Items Replica Items; Sculpture, Bronze & Art Sculpture, Bronze & Art; Specialty & Other Items Specialty & Other Items; SS Cloth Insignia SS Cloth Insignia; Table Medals Table Medals; US Wings US Wings; Wound Badges Wound Badges; New Items; Product Search . An original Hitler-Jugend (HJ) Hitler Youth dagger with nickel plated pommel and cross guard. Der Griff mit feiner Silberdrahtwicklung. KONEJUNG. This is quite justified, since this phrase has the most direct relation to the origins of Nazism - … Product Description Replicated from the original 1937 weapon, this Hitler Youth Knife is great for collectors. Leicht geschärfte Klinge mit Ätzung "Blut und Ehre" und floralen Motiven, schwarze, geriffelte Griffschalen aus Bein, 2 fach vernietet, Massive Parierstange aus vernickeltem Eisen, Knauf mit geätztem Hakenkreuz und ebenfalls floralen Motiven, schwarze Stahlscheide mit den Resten der Lackierung, Trageschlaufe aus braunem Leder, leider fehlt die Feststellschlaufe, getragenes Stück, … The fittings are silver plated … Home / All Products / Hitler Youth Knife by “ANTON WINGEN JR” with Blut und Ehre! This literally translates to "Blood and Honor! The Hitler Youth knife with a fine solid nickel silver fittings and the near mint blade retains 99% of the original polish and crossgrain finish along with a good deep etched … Early examples up through 1939 had nickel-silver fittings, anodized scabbards, the maker's name and logo and the famous motto for the Hitler Youth which was "Blut und Ehre!". It is complete with brown leather blade buffer pad. If this is real just wondering what the value would be in its current condition. It should be noted that early HJ knifes can have rubber grips, wood grips, and even stag grips. (Blood and Honor!). KL 134mm, TL 240mm, einschneidige Klinge, flacher Rücken, volle Wurzel. It has undamaged original black … Through 1937, these knives were etched with the motto of the organization, Blut und Ehre! Komplett mit dem seltenen Ledertragegehänge, die Beschläge ebenfalls … The blade has some edge nicks. Transitional HJ Knife Carl Heidelberg - Blut und Ehre! The blade is near perfect, only imperfection is that a tiny bit of the tip is broken off (see pictures). The original scabbard paint rates at about 80 percent. Dass es ein Original ist, müsste auch aus den Bildern hervorgehen. HJ Dolch. D-18 HJ (Hitler Youth) enameled swastika/diamond in black plastic checkered grip. Reverse is marked with the "kissing crane" logo and "ROBT. The leather straps on the metal scabbard have a little wear and separation in a couple spots but are intact. Auführung mit Devise. The Hitler Youth Knife may be the most famous knife of World War II. The blade was 14 cm long and had the HJ motto, Blut und Ehre! Examples produced after this date were made with plain blades usually bearing an RZM … As is … The text and maker marks on the blade are etched into the steel. (Blood and Honour) etched into it in imitation of Von Schirach's handwriting. Reproduction 'Blut und Ehre' HJ Youth Knife in lightly used condition. A pretty decent HJ knife. The blade rates NM. Search for: Search. The HJ diamond is undamaged, the leather hanger shows some wear but is intact, so is the original snap clip. A very nice early Hitler Youth Knife (HJ knife) by the seldom seen maker, Heinr. The grip diamond is in nice shape. Results 1 to 6 of 6 Transitional HJ Knife Carl Heidelberg - Blut und Ehre! heidelberg hj … Bestimmungen nach europäischen Recht. just like originals were done. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. ".Of course all of the knives have the quintessential HJ diamond in the … Wir erzeugen und verkaufen Abzeichen, Ehrenzeichen, Schilde, KoppelSchlösse, Gürteln, Ordene, Dekorationen, Knöpfe und mehr Repros des Reichs. Other side says "Blut und Ehre!" Login or Register to write the first review. DG.DE | Historica, Militaria Shop: Sie finden hier ein breit gefächertes Sortiment aus den verschiedenen Bereichen der Militärischen Antiquitäten und Militaria: Wir bieten zum Verkauf an: Dolche, Ehrendolche, Offiziersdolche, Säbel, Degen, Bajonette, Orden, Ehrenzeichen Pokale, Ehrenpokal, Hauer. Griff und Parierstange aus NE-Metall, schwarze gewaffelte Kunststoffgriffschalen mit zwei Nieten befestigt. Early variations are so numerous as to make the collecting of early HJ knifes a hobby in its self. Nickeled pommel and crossguard shows some wear. Digg; del.icio.us; StumbleUpon; Google; Posting Permissions You may not post new threads; You may not post replies; You may not … Please note: This firm holds no sympathetic regard toward Nazis, fascists, or other neo-political parties, past or present. On one side the blade is crisply marked with RZM roundel & 'M7/5' which is the Nazi manufacturer code for Carl Julius Krebs, Solingen. RZM // M7/33. Hi, It appears you have here a transitional (rzm marking in combination with a motto) … Hitler Youth Knife with “Blut und Ehre!” Motto by HERM. Stahlblechscheide mit Innenfedern und genieteter Lederschlaufe, ganz fein gearbeitete, emaillierte HJ - Rombe im Griff. Leather belt loop and retaining strap/snap. Comment on Facebook. GESCHUTZT". Product successfully added to your shopping cart. Blade in good condition with the Blut und Ehre motto only mildly worn. Excellent grip. KLAAS – SOLINGEN" and "GESETZL. Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth) knife - early pre RZM example with motto to blade "Blut und Ehre!" The blade is maker marked “RZM M7/36” for E. & F. Hörster of Solingen. Like most of the knives of Hitler's Germany, the knife of the Hitler Youth had an etched motto "Blood and Honor" (German "Blut und Ehre") on the blade. Scheide mit leichten Gebrauchsspuren, Lederschlaufe mit Braunem Druckknopf Stahlklinge mit Lederzunge und RZM Hersteller, Gesamtgewicht: ca. Transitional HJ Knife Carl Heidelberg - Blut und Ehre! Product ID : 4924-101-038. - rare maker mark J.A. A.G. SOLINGEN. A Model 1937 Hitlerjugend Dolch für Führer by RZM M7/36 - E. & F. Hörster & Co. of Solingen. The scabbard leather shows some wear from age. Only wear from handling and storage, not use. Marked "Blunt und Ehre!" Die Scheide mit dunkelblauer Belederung. Sehr gut zu lesende Devise: Blut und Ehre (bei anderen Dolchen sehr oft verblasst). But what strikes me here is, is the motto of the HJ ; "Blut und Ehre" present or not? Solid, high-quality reproduction of the knife of the Hitler Youth. The “Blut Und Ehre!” motto and “RZM M7/36” (E & F. Hörster & Co, Solingen) maker mark are both nicely executed! Replica. In Hitler Jugend 06-30-2015, 07:06 PM. Details. The boys only were given HJ Knives after having passed minor exams. Black enameled scabbard is scratched. Regular Price: $49.99. In the field of daggers I only collect the transitional HJ types. / Blood and Honor!). A six and 1/2 inch blade and 11 inches overall. The Stiletto style plated blade is in very good condition, showing only light surface wear and runner marks, and is without nicks to the cutting edge with the engraved words “Blut Und Ehre !” meaning Blood & Honour also complete with its leather throat buffer pad. Hakenkreuzemblem auf . Products You May Like. With minor differences being made … Rare HJ Youth Leader Dagger. I thought these HJ leader daggers had them Always on the frontside of the blade,(that is up to today I never saw one without the motto present) This would than mean, should a dagger, as should/could be here the case, given as some sort of … HJ Knife Blut und Ehre. Invaluable is the world's largest marketplace for art, antiques, and collectibles. A very nice … Complete with correct style scabbard. Ich bin kein Gutachter und verkaufe als Privatperson mit den sich daraus ergebenden gesetz. Overall lenght is 10-3/4", with a 6-1/4" blade. Originaler HJ-Dolch mit Doppelherstellermarke "Robert Klaas Solingen" und "RZM,M7/37,1938". The fit is nice and tight and the tip comes to a perfect point. Sale Price: $ 19.99. Buy online, view images and see past prices for Reiter-HJ-Dolch. It shows typical surface … Bookmarks. … In SS Uniforms and insignia 09-18-2013, 07:21 PM. 290,0 gramm, Maße … This German WWII Hitler Youth Knife Replica features the motto Blut und Ehre! Model 1937 Hitlerjugend Dolch für Führer by RZM M7/36 (E & F. Hörster & Co.of Solingen). (Blood and Honor ) on the 440 stainless steel blade and black riveted handle has SS runes in the middle of the handle. Product Reviews. Sn 16926 - 16926 An original Hitler-Jugend (HJ) Hitler Youth dagger with nickel plated pommel and cross guard. The knives had nickeled hilts with black checkered grip plates. The same motto was engraved on the buckles of shaped belts. Stainless steel blade with 'Blut und Ehre' (Blood and Honor) etched on the blade and the Hitler Youth diamond Swastika embedded in the handle. More - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ... 1938 Dated Nazi German Hitler Youth 'HJ' Dagger RZM M7/66 & Eickhorn Solingen Manufacturer Marked With Etched Blade ‘Blut und Ehre’ (Blood & Honour) & Scabbard With Integral Frog. Single edge construction with the Blut und Ehre!