There are a … Lab tests: display and refresh rate, battery life and charging, speakers, 8. Honestly, we kind of feel like we've seen too many options already. Aggressive lines, every conceivable shade of red, lots of mechanical, geometric and alien visuals. This can be done from a few menus, including one inside Armoury Crate. This product contains copyrighted software that is licensed under the General Public License (“GPL”), under the Lesser General Public License Version (“LGPL”) and/or other Free Open Source Software Licenses. Some particular games might even drop your connection if you just suddenly change your IP address. ASUS ROG gaming laptops, Tablet PCs, Desktop & All in One computers and various accessories are available in cheap price. Most of the features within the Game Genie interface and their order can be adjusted in some manner. If you don't want to use L3 mode, you need to have the AeroActive Cooler 3 attached and running, though. The same goes for the Game toolbar. Compare A full-strength GeForce RTX 2080 Super GPU and a 300Hz panel lead the Asus ROG Strix Scar 17 to maxed-out gaming performance, but we wish the design were amped up as much as the parts. Not changed in any major way, but with plenty of visual tweaks and small, yet often crucial improvements and tweaks in behavior - it's now available on the ROG Phone 3 as well. Messing with these can, naturally, be detrimental to your experience. Even though they are very tightly-knit. You can either leave it on auto and have the system decide when and how much to ramp it up. The Asus ROG Theta Electret is available now from a small selection of retailers, with prices hovering around the £259.99 ($340 / AU$480) mark. ROG Phone II - List of games supporting above 60fps gameplay! Just like you can tweak certain aspects of X Mode behavior, as well as intensity levels on a per-app basis, you can similarly adjust it on a system-wide level via the Custom settings button. The ROG Phone 3 is one of the fastest phones … • Refer to section 1.2.4 AI OC Guide for more information. You are unlikely to damage phone's hardware in the process and there is a button to restore the default values, but you should still only tamper here if you know what you are doing. ASUS ROG STRIX Scar Gen 1 (GL703-VM) won’t stop making this sound. Going back to the main Console interface, there are a few other options available. Gestures • Gestures • Screen recorder • Screenshot. You just play out the actions once and then review and correct as needed. Things like making the TwinView dock API for second-screen gaming easily accessible for free in the popular Unity engine. The makings of a great community. Such software in Reviews If you choose Hardcore Tuning from the dropdown menu, Armoury Crate offer-up three nifty, ambiguous sliders, marked CPU, GPU, and Temperature control. Provides information about software published by ASUS and a variety of different software among several categories. Download ASUS ROG Armoury Crate software to customize your ASUS RGB gaming components. Moving past raw internal performance, game profiles also let users choose a custom Refresh rate on a per-app basis. That kick-starts an impressive sequence that would fit right in a Transformers movie. News However, if in case you do not find ROG Core installed on your laptop, head over to the official ASUS ROG website to download the software. Most of it was present on the ROG Phone II and is inherited from it, but also incrementally enhanced. Mobile version And rounding things off in the profiles, we also have a few network and audio options. 新しいプロファイル名を入力します。設定を保存 プロファイルとアプリの関連付け ROG Armouryではアプリとプロファイルを関連付けることができます。 They may be shareware or freeware titles and are available for immediate download. That's expected behavior on Android, and it shows that Asus is taking feedback. First off is the PowerMaster, which offers a centralized place for managing app consumption, scanning for issues, as well as toggling battery savings options and managing autostart. RSS feed Options are abundant, but not chaotic. This is where you go to set-up basic mapping for on-screen controls to the AirTrigger 3 ultrasonic buttons, as well as the newly-added motion control gesture on the ROG Phone 3. The Asus ROG Strix Go 2.4 is one of the most versatile gaming headsets out there. Every button on that controller can then be mapped to an on-screen control, effectively giving you console-grade physical controls inside a game meant to be played on touch screens. However, there are also options to potentially tinker with even further. The Network tab has only a couple of toggles, but both potentially vital. The ROG Strix B550-F proves the point for builders who want a performance-oriented board with a healthy dose of luxury. い得。当日お急ぎ便対象商品は、当日お届け可能です。アマゾン配送商品は、通常配送無料(一部除く)。 Coming in at the middle of the Zephyrus gaming laptop line-up, the Asus ROG Zephyrus M15 GU502 packs an Intel Core i7 10750H and an Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti … Change Ad Consent These actually show a list of all your various mapping profiles and macros, as set-up for the given game, complete with convenient screenshots for the mapping overlay. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Asus ROG Strix G15 (G512LI) software and warranty. Neat! Above these, the big X Mode button is kind of hard to miss. There is also a toggle for the optional memory cleaner, at launch. Again, on a per-app basis. You can also neatly package all of your Scenario Profiles settings, or a subset via the share interface and upload them online. The Asus ROG Chakram is a very comfortable mouse (analog stick aside), but it's built for the right-handed. The first thing you absolutely need to try out is pressing the X Mode toggle. Also, Armoury Crate includes a nifty feature to fetch mappings, triggers, and macros for popular games from an online repository. Air Triggers, Key Mapping and Macros all get their own separate tabs in the Scenario Profiles interface. Most of the options are easily self-explanatory, like the toggles to disable calls and notifications, lock the brightness or cycle between the current display refresh rate. Model Name G703GI GL503GE, GL703GE, GL703GS, GL703GM, GL504GS, GL504GM, GM501GS, GM501GM, GU501GM GX501GI; KeyBoard Type: Per key: 4-Zone: 7-Zone: Effects: 1. These menus are mostly meant to be a convenient central location for managing your collection. Power Supply: ASUS ROG Thor 850W - Buy from Amazon OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-bit - Buy from Amazon Software: AMD Ryzen Master, AIDA64 Engineer 6.25.5400, and CPU-z … Twitter ASUS ROG Strix G15 G512LV G512LV-I7R2060全国各地のお店の価格情報がリアルタイムにわかるのは価格.comならでは。製品レビューやクチコミもあります。 Haga clic en el botón RECORD (GRABAR) para iniciar la grabación de la macro. It's an incredibly in-depth interface for mapping on-screen controls to physical ones. The Battery modes menu is where you can set-up your custom power-savings profiles. Pretty great. ASUS ZenUI Support app is a customer service app that provides ASUS device users with in-device assistance using the combination of … Do not sell my data, 6. That can also include any Advanced Hardcore performance tuning tweaks you might have painstakingly discovered and now want to contribute. And each crate has its own Game Profile. On the contrary, it's another example of clear priorities and deliberate actions. This is the menu you should hit up if you have issues with something like a messenger service not running fine in the background. Slow charging, max charging limits, and scheduled charging, now complete with intelligent auto-scheduling, make for a powerful set of tools. ASUS ZenUI support app. What you get is a very, very lengthy menu of actual system-level values and offsets for various modules and parts of the phone's internals. For instance, you are no longer limited to just exiting Armoury Crate via a single small button in the top-left corner, as was the case on the ROG Phone II. The ability to get a real-time performance overlay is a nifty, albeit not entirely new ROG trick. • This function is only enabled when using an unlocked CPU. Also, yet another shortcut to Game Genie settings. Game genie is essentially an in-game overlay that gets automatically enabled for games but is supported for any other app, as per your desired settings. Top-notch features Well-built, excellent cooling Deep rear I/O panel Easy-to-use BIOS Reasonably priced for Z490 chipset and feature set Nothing too special, but still convenient to have in reach. Armoury Crate has become a staple of the ROG Phone experience. In our books, it is probably the single greatest gaming-geared software tool Asus has brought to the table with the ROG Phone family. This is where you can adjust sensitivity, trigger speed and distance, multi-button separation, and other behavioral aspects. ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-F GAMING のドライバーは、エラーを修正し、デバイスの障害を取り除くのに役立ちます。Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8のドライバーをASUS ROG STRIX Z370-F GAMINGにダウンロードしてください。 Find ASUS and ROG driver downloads, software, wallpapers, and 3D printing files for motherboards and graphics cards. While in most cases, the ROG Phone 3 is smart enough only to do this when it would be beneficial, there are special cases. Download ASUS ROG Armoury Driver for Windows to get the latest driver for your ASUS ROG peripheral device. ... Asus released an over-the-air software … The Asus ROG 3 features a mobile version of the Armoury Crate software found in its PC offerings, which allows for similarly granular control of gaming-related features. List of Supported ASUS ROG Laptops. It has a few categories of games, organized by supported features with direct links to the Google Play store. Every advanced feature included makes sense and is typically slotted and well-organized within a sub-menu or an app. Mobile Manager is actually a sister tab to PowerMaster. ASUS スマートフォン ROG Phone 3(12GB/512GB/Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus/6.59型ワイド AMOLEDディスプレイ Corning Gorilla Glass 6/Android 10 (ROG UI)/ブラックグレア)【日本正規代理店品】ZS661KS-BK512R12/Aが Unlike profiles, the options here apply on a system-wide level. And OptiFlex is a proprietary app launch optimizer that works in the usual way - caching certain resources, often times in RAM, so that they can remain easily accessible to the most used apps. Things like memory and storage cleanup, permission and security as well as data caps and usage. Update ASUS Smart Gesture (Touchpad Driver). Asus has seriously managed to improve upon its solid Battery care feature foundation from last year. It almost feels like what a kid would alt and tab to if you catch them playing instead of studying on the computer. L1 and L2 can be used without it. Privacy The Asus ROG Phone 3 is a powerhouse of a gaming phone, but it's also an incredible smartphone for people who just want to nail the basics. This is what really separated the ROG Phone line and Asus from the rest. Still, considering you can actually hook-up a mouse and keyboard to the ROG Phone 3 and map touch controls in most shooter games to that input, using Asus key mapping tech, virtual crosshairs are hardly the first thing to consider in a discussion of fairness. Wrap-up, competition, the verdict, pros and cons. Not a bad idea, considering the literal sea of options given to the user. Link profile to a program Load default settings Switch the view of the mouse Save changes made to selected keyboard profile The Air Triggers menu holds a lot of potential. Speed up simply triggers a background app cleaner task. The phone features the colossal 144 Hz refresh rate that makes it one of the smoothest displays to use in a smartphone. い得。当日お急ぎ便対象商品は、当日お届け可能です。アマゾン配送商品は、通常配送無料(一部 L2 starts squeezing-out performance from both the CPU and GPU with little regard for an increase in power consumption and heat. To keep track of all of this, as best it can, while also offering titles to the user, Armoury Crate has a Featured menu in the top right corner. ASUS ROG Armoury 7 Establecer el retardo de tiempo entre cada botón o tecla presionada Establecer la cantidad de veces que se debe repetir la macro Grabar una macro 1. And we finally come to System Lighting and RGB controls. Mobile Manager • Twin Apps • Safeguard • OptiFlex. Announcement Closed CH_ASUS 51.8K views 160 comments 8 points Latest reply: Abi1797 July 14 7 14515 53 Asus has teamed up with AMD to double down on the trend of increasingly compact gaming laptops with the ROG Zephyrus G14 (starts at $1,049.99; $1,449.99 as tested), a 14-inch near-ultraportable with full gaming capabilities. What else could be causing it? There is even an experimental feature that tries its best to estimate how much game time you have based on your current load with the battery charge remaining in the phone. Speaking of crosshairs, Game Genie offers a crosshair overlay, as well. GPU Tweak II, CPU-Z, GPU-Z, etc.. But since the latter is inconveniently locked in a portrait orientation, we suggest using the sub-menu under Advanced settings in the general Settings menu of the ROG Phone 3. ASUS ROG Armoury 5 プロファイル名の変更 1. 名前を変更したいプロファイルの名前をダブルクリックします。2. Beyond that, the feature is pretty straight-forward. Downloading and sharing settings, mappings and macros. In case you missed our deep-dive into how the ROG Phone 3 handles high refresh rate and the color reproduction options it offers, you can jump back to the display section for the detailed info. Contact us There are three basic levels of X Mode. Facebook ASUS ROG Armoury Driver has had 0 updates within the past 6 months. šã‚²ãƒ¼ãƒŸãƒ³ã‚°ãƒžã‚¦ã‚¹ã€‚ASUS ROG Pugio全国各地のお店の価格情報がリアルタイムにわかるのは価格.comならでは。 A small touch, but one that shows Asus is really keen on catering to their streamer and content-creator audience. These can be customized and freely dragged across the screen. ASUS. The brand has a certain aesthetic already established and its buyers seem to appreciate and expect it. In our books, it is probably the single greatest gaming-geared software tool Asus has brought to the table with the ROG Phone family. 144Hz support list is in need of attention. Besides speed, it also brings a quality IPS panel fit for gaming … Marked clip • Macro recording and management. With the ROG Phone 3 this is no longer a necessary condition. Components and Accessories Desktops ASUS Official Store | Free Shipping and Financing Available ASUS ROG Spotlight RGB Logo Projector with Magnetic Stand (USB) for use with AURA Sync RGB Lighting Products and Software, RGB Logo Projector in Matte Black with Aura Sync Lighting Software, 360-Degree Rotation using the coin screw aligns the ROG ‘Eye’ Such care for battery longevity is a rare sight on the current smartphone scene and nothing short of a commendable effort. Further down the list of X Mode options, we also find familiar selectors for screen refresh rate, sensitivity sliders, and network controls. What Asus has crafted for the ROG is done right and on a much lower software level, making it a truly added-value offer for any hardcore mobile gaming enthusiasts. FAQ Yet, we still have to check out the second Console tab from the main ASUS Armoury Crate interface. System-wide optimizations and tools are good and all, but Asus has made sure to invest the bulk of its software effort into software laser-focused on improving the gaming experience in particular. Nice job, Asus! This can be set otherwise from the toggle on this menu. Instagram, © 2000-2020 Values lifted straight from the /sys/ folder, which you normally can't even get to without rooting your device. The Asus ROG Strix Go 2.4 makes a good account of itself in terms of core specs too. You can also choose what gets to trigger the RGB lights and which effect should be triggered, with a fair bit of conditions available to choose from. With three connectivity options, two mics and robust software, it’s ready for anything. Sometimes, the best things in life are simple—or at least straightforward. The battery menu, for instance, has a few interesting gems hidden away. ROG UI has always been very "out there", even as far as gaming-styled launchers go. Seleccione un perfil de macro. Manually enabling X Mode from this menu allows you to choose between thee levels of X Mode. Asus ROG Phone 3: Software. For convenience, there is a nifty list of apps you can download in alphabetical order. Now, it's easily on par with what Qnovo offers. Once set up you can use a single key to go live on YouTube and Twitch. In addition, ROG First ensures ROG and ASUS GT-series routers prioritize packets according to the GameFirst VI settings of your ROG laptop. 今回ご紹介するのは2020å¹´1月22日に発売されたASUS社「ROG-STRIX-RX5600XT-O6G-GAMING」=以下RX5600XT」です。 ようやく適正価格(3万円)になったので思い切って「RX5600XT」を購入しました。 Asus packed a bunch of gaming features inside the Strix G15 that are all tied to the Armoury Crate app. Then there is Touch tweaking. Asus’ software on the ROG Phone 3 has been reliable and fast, and it’s great to see the company continuing the good work it began on the Zenfone 6. Asus ROG Phone 3 performance, Software, and battery life Thanks to some incredible hardware that powers the ASUS ROG Phone 2, such as Snapdragon 865 Plus SoC, 8GB LPDDR4X RAM & UFS 3.1 storage, the phone performs excellently well in every department. For instance, if you are familiar with the performance characteristics of a given game you play and just happen to know that it does not rely heavily on the clock rate of the biggest and most powerful core, but rather tends to spread-out its load among smaller cores, you can tune-down the primary core on the Snapdragon 865+ and save on battery, produce less heat and get a smoother experience, delaying thermal-throttling for longer. It toggles X Mode on and off in much the same way as the quick toggle on the main UI does. Floating window is a nifty one. Beyond that still, there is an Advanced Hardcore Tuning menu underneath. There are more-extensive menus to dig-through for these features within Armoury Crate, but this menu has the benefit of being very simple and intuitive to use. It handles all the rest of the phone maintenance besides the battery. Thin Apps is fairly self-explanatory. L1 does its best to optimize snappiness and responsiveness, generally boosting up during loading or interaction with the game. If that is the case, some amazing things can actually be pulled-off. Some of the more-powerful goodies are those arranged vertically on the right end of the Game Genie interface. There is also the option to turn on addition anti-aliasing if you think the edges of any particular game are just a bit too "jaggy" for your taste. Asus has figured out how to make a gaming phone that also excels as a regular smartphone. CPU and GPU load, temperature, battery level and fps count are all available in the Game toolbar, which can be freely dragged and positioned over the game. Directional pads, buttons, sliders all work and do so really well. GameVisual ROG GameVisual software offers six expertly tuned graphic modes designed to optimize your visual experience for specific game genres. The built-in false touch rejection algorithm can also be fine-tuned. Updated on September 02, 2020: Today Asus rolled a new software update for Asus Rog Phone globally with version 17.0823.2007.58.The update fixes the black crush issue while watching the video, and fixes many other And L3 is basically "gloves-off" and the best you can automatically get out of the ROG Phone 3, without resorting on per-app Hardcore Advanced performance tuning and the skillset necessary to be better than the auto mode on your own. ROG Phone 3 accessories and attachments, Asus ROG Phone II updates adds support for 90 fps PUBG, Kunai 3 controller and more, Asus ROG Phone 3 is the Best Gaming phone of 2020, LG Wing 5G wins Trailblazer category by readers' vote, New Asus ROG gets benchmarked with SD888 at Geekbench, HTML5, Asus issues Zenfone 7 and 7 Pro update with an urgent hotfix for the camera, 3. Straight out of the box, the UI screams "gamer". For most users, this is the mode that will likely represent "full throttle". Asus has a pretty clean system set up to control the RGB effects on the phone's built-in logo, as well as those on optional accessories. Asus ROG Phone 3 comes with a 6.59-inch display, 1080×2340 pixel resolution, and an aspect ratio of 19.5:9. The free app features a number of audio tweaking options for the speakers and mic. Asus ROG Phone 3 – Device Specification. In fact, it is gone now, and the back gesture works, but simply issues a warning toast notification one step before you leave the app. That slightly weird crosshair icon, inside a square denotes Marked clip. We hope these lists grow, especially the 144Hz one, which only had one game at the time of writing this review. Everything you need to make the X Mode toggle trigger exactly what you want. One limits all background sync activity while playing a given game, which can be the difference between a smooth experience and a sudden ping-spike. Profiles are a set of settings for different aspects of the ROG Phone II that get automatically applied when the game/app is launched. Not that much has changed visually since the ROG Phone II. Aside from the cool meters on the left handside, this is where you find general settings like a list of games that automatically trigger the Game Genie matter where they are launched from as well as another list that says which apps can have access to data at all while a game is running in the foreground. The amount of options you are expected to want to "quick access" is a bit staggering. With this software you can sync and control all the devices from one software. STATIC Though, the ROG Phone 3 does still have a dedicated one above the display. 8 ROG STRIX Z390-E GAMING BIOS Manual AI OC Guide(F11) This button above the menu bar allows you to view the descriptions of AI overclocking and enable it. 2.5GBe: Vendors are finally embracing 2.5Gbe and ASUS chose the extremely popular i225-V for its ROG B550i Gaming board. The same goes for automatically switching between Wi-Fi and a network data connection. Just in case this all gets a bit too much for you or simply isn't your cup of tea, Asus still includes a very clean, almost AOSP-like theme as an option. You get the gist. Still, they seem to operate with a lot more restrictions and naturally all sorts of warnings for drawing over other apps and the like. Each entry gets its own "crate", as the Asus terminology goes. Once you set up your preferred apps in the settings menu, they appear as little icons on the right side of the Game Genie interface. Imagine using a mouse to aim and look around and aid in a shooter game! Quite in-depth, as well, including options for writing out virtual letters on the display and, actions based on double-taps and motion. Actual mapping is elsewhere within the Game Genie interface. On the ROG Phone II, apps and games only got their individual Scenario Profile applied if launched through Armoury Crate. Your phone still gets locked in landscape mode once in Armoury Crate, which can make navigating certain longer menus a bit difficult, but also contributes nicely to the ultimate goal of augmenting the entire ROG Phone 3 experience an bringing it as close as possible to a console one. Joking aside, the theme engine in ROG UI is very potent and includes a vibrant online repository with plenty of full theme and wallpaper options to explore. Of course, there are synchronization groups for other Aura Sync compatible devices. Fan controls for the attachable AeroActive Cooler 3 are also available. Then you can map all the controls to an actual mouse and keyboard. YouTube Downloader and MP3 Converter Snaptube, Windows, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Get the latest driver for your ASUS ROG peripheral device, There have been 0 updates within the past 6 months. Even without fully grasping what each option does, most users will likely find their way around it just fine. Each consecutive step pushes the hardware a bit further, including clocks and tolerance to heat. Glossary ASUS ROG Gaming Phone 3 - 6.59” FHD 2340x1080 HDR 144Hz Display - 6000mAh Battery - 64MP/13MP/5MP Triple Camera with 24MP Front Camera – 12GB RAM - 512GB Storage -5G LTE Unlocked Dual SIM Cell Phone, 6.59” FHD AMOLED Display (2340x1080) 144Hz/1ms response time, 270Hz touch sampling rate. The Asus ROG Armoury software can help you manage battery life with features like controlling how many minutes of idle time puts the mouse to … The ROG Strix B550-F Gaming (Wi-Fi) strikes a mighty blow. To be fair, though, none that we would actually consider bloat. These allow you to subjectively select how hard you want the software to push limits for the given game. Get the latest driver for your ASUS ROG peripheral device. In fact, the phone even complained when we initially enabled the basic ZenUI theme, adamantly warning us that we would be missing out on animated wallpapers that respond to X Mode. An animation on the default wallpapers gets initiated, symbols start shifting, glowing borders start shining around icons. I wrote the Asus ROG Phone 2 review after spending six days with the device as my primary phone. 14 ASUS ROG Armoury Mouse profiles Gaming Mouse Mouse menu The mouse menu lets you set different lighting effect, assign different functions for each button, and tweak your ROG mouse to your own gaming needs. Asus’ software on the ROG Phone 3 has been reliable and fast, and it’s great to see the company continuing the good work it began on the Zenfone 6. Youtube Asus mentions in the description text that they are meant for use in "practice mode" in games, meaning that the general gamer stigma for such a practice being a cheat is well understood. Even though the ROG Phone 3 has plenty of subtleties in its display behavior, the corresponding settings menu remains clean and well-organized. A wireless USB-C adapter lets you connect to everything from a … Gestures are aplenty on the ROG Phone 3. ュレート360Hzを誇る24.5型ゲーミング液晶ディスプレー「ROG Swift 360Hz PG259QN」が発売された。 2020å¹´12月20日 02時22分 ASUS Software Downloads. Software Downloads.