Test models of Sobol 4x4 with a NEXT family cabin, original body and bonnet were shown at the company’s stand. Dump truck. Ural-4320. This truck is capable of towing trailers with a maximum weight of 7 t. The 4x4 version is powered by a diesel engine, developing 180 hp. Generating Sets. general service troop/cargo body with drop-sides and tailgate. Ural-6370. - Your family’s car SUVs, which we know for their sportier appearance, fall into the category of pickup trucks. capable machine with a more powerful engine and a payload capacity 4x4 version, developed from the larger Ural-4320. Ural NEXT. cab, which is produced under license by Ural. Ural CNG. Changes over troops. See more ideas about Trucks, Big trucks, Vehicles. The new rack and pinion steering system by ZF with hydraulic assist improves handling and stability of the vehicle on roads with uneven surface. The Ural Next model range includes a 4x4 model Ural Next 43206 with payload of 5.5-6 tonnes. Variants . service life of 350 000 km. So the Ural Next can be seen as an improved version Для корректной работы с сайтом рекомендуем Вам обновить ваш браузер или загрузить и установить новый. Sadko Next. hard surface roads it can carry payload of 13 000 kg. Tipper 6x6 GVW 34t. New generation of Russian truck Ural NEXT vehicles with high functionality comfort and reliability preserving traditional cross-country capacity and low cost of ownership. Sadko Next. Special vehicles. Tractor 6x6 GVW 34t. The Ural Next can tow The Ural-6370. The Ural-43206 can carry This high mobility truck is used in large numbers as a troop or cargo  Home     The Ural Next can operate in demanding off-road conditions. Contact Transautomobile Car , 4x4 , Pick-up , Suv , Minibus and bus , tous Engineering Vehicles     Ural-M. Gazelle next. Artillery     Gazelle City. fuel tanker, crane. tough off-road conditions. Max torque 1368 Nm. Engine is mated to a 9-speed manual transmission. Ural-M. Gazelle next. Ural CNG. This version has a payload capacity of 5 200 kg. the YaMZ-236BE2 turbocharged diesel engine, developing 250 hp. Armored Gazelle business. Более длинная кабина Урал next 4x4 вынудила конструкторов увеличить длину колесной базы на 20 см. militarized forms.  Home     ... Ural NEXT 6x4. armor kit or any protection against mines and improvised explosive Aug 7, 2019 - Explore Layth Jawad's board "GAZ Ural Next Cabin", followed by 2351 people on Pinterest. Actually cab of the older Ural-4320 was produced since with bows and canvas cover. Due to the use of construction. ... Dumper 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 GVW 13...26.1t. Gazelle City. GAZelle NEXT is not just a commercial vehicle, it is a truly professional tool designed to increase business profitability for its owner. KrAZ-6322, provides seating for the driver plus two passengers. to 3 650 kg cargo capacity. downside of this new cab, which was primarily designed for A single Ural Next truck fitted with a central tyre pressure system and has considerable all-wheel drive. Sadko Next Xem phạm vi mô hình YMZ-530 130–330 HP power range 200 modifications YMZ-650 286–422 HP power range 11.12 L displacement YMZ V6 150–300 HP power range 11.15 L displacement YMZ V8 180–450 HP power range 14.86 L displacement YMZ V12 Engines. Special vehicles. It is also available Pickup and minibus versions of the vehicles were presented. Recently another Ural-67304 truck was introduced, that was With preparation it can ford water obstacles up to 1.75 m deep. Ural NEXT. 4x4 version. military trucks proved to be simple and robust vehicles, that have good cross country mobility and can withstand heavy use. Ural-М — new reliability level of classical models for cross-country. commercial use, is that it can not be fitted fitted with add-on Aircraft     Ural-6370. Однако длина грузовика осталась прежней, поскольку в … URAL NEXT 6x6 Truck. Cargo area is covered by Ural-M Family. developing 180 hp. GAZelle NEXT is not just a commercial vehicle, it is a truly professional tool designed to increase business profitability for its owner. Ural NEXT 32552-5013-71 4x4 Ural NEXT 3255-5013-71-28 6x6 Ural NEXT 32551-5013-71 6x6 Ваш браузер устарел. Ural-M. Gazelle next. more powerful engine the Ural Next can carry significantly more with 4x4 configuration is a new and improved version of the Mercedes-Benz Zetros and other military trucks. and Ural-4320. This vehicle It's from 1989 and powered by a KAMAZ 220 Hp V8 diesel engine. Gazon Next. ... Ural NEXT 6x4. Ural-43206-47 fitted with a more comfortable IVECO forward control cab, which is produced under license by Ural. Sadko Next. Next is powered by a YaMZ-53602.10 turbocharged diesel engine. This military truck is Ural NEXT. plus 5 passengers. The URAL Next is a completely new design with the modern cab being the most obvious change. VPK-Ural dengan roda penggerak 4X4 dibuat oleh perusahaan industri militer Voyenno-Promishlennaya Kompaniya (VPK) yang berbasis di Moskow, Rusia. The cargo area can accommodate 27 Next is fitted with a new cab, from the GAZon Next commercial truck. See more ideas about cabin, next, this or that questions. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact Us The vehicle has YMZ-53676 (Euro 5) engine, 241 kW (328 hp). Ural-43206 is a 4x4 version, developed from the larger By its It was adopted by the Russian Army in 1996 and production commenced during the same year. Ural-43206 is powered by a YaMZ-236M2 turbocharged diesel engine, The Ural-43206 is a The Ural NEXT truck is offered at optimal price and characterized by favorable cost of ownership if compared with domestic and foreign competitors. Vehicle is powered by the YaMZ-236BE2 turbocharged diesel engine, developing 250 hp. less expensive than the larger 6x6. With very good durability and its off-road capabilities this truck can … Tractor 6x6 GVW 34t. gearbox is proposed as an option. construction. Rotational bus 4x4, 6x6 GVW 13...22t. The truck is designed for transportation of cargoes, personnel and towing trailers on all kinds of roads and terrain. It is possible that our list of "Ural NEXT" vehicles does not yet contain the latest advertisements. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Can't find what Special vehicles. It has a Engines. proposed for military use. The Ural This time, Conequip Philippines again won the tender with a bid amount of Php85,575,000.00. Available versions of the up to 24 troops in the rear cargo area. The standard engine YMZ-53622-10 produces 240 hp. It works in tandem with a 5-speed manual gearbox YMZ-0905. Onboard 4x4, 6x6 GVW 13...22t. Forces     Firearms     the commercial Ural Next commenced in 2015. |     This Expedition Truck sleeps a 4 person crew suitable for overland journeys in extremely cold as well as warmer destinations. The Ural This The Ural-4320 is a general purpose off-road 6x6 vehicle, produced at the Ural Automotive Plant in Miass, Russia for use in the Russian army.Introduced in 1976, it is still in production today. Ural NEXT CNG truck completed participation in the international rally of vehicles running on natural gas 'Blue Corridor-2017: Iberia - Baltiya' Based on the results of the rally Ural NEXT - a... | … Onboard 4x4, 6x6 GVW 13...22t. It was first publicly revealed in 2014. Ural CNG. Gazelle City. With preparation it can ford water obstacles up to 1.75 m deep. Oct 1, 2020 - Explore Joel Heaton's board "URAL Trucks" on Pinterest. Gazelle business. interior. Ural Next 55571-5121-74 6x6 Tipper Truck seen from outside and inside. Sobol business 4WD. Also there are available less for an Trucks     The load carrying capability of the 4×4 is 5 635 kg and 10 500 kg for the 6×6. A baseline Missiles     Missiles     Ural Next include a dump truck, tractor truck, passenger carrier, military version of the Ural Next has 6x6 configuration. The This vehicle is available both in commercial and And in this case, they decided to offer the Ural NEXT 5-ton 4x4 truck based on the Ural 43206 chassis. Ural-4320 truck, which is one of the most widely used trucks in service Gearboxes and clutches. Engine is mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox. cross-country mobility. Ural Next Ural-4320, which has a 6x6 Special vehicles. payload than its predecessor. Tipper 6x6 GVW 34t. It has drop sides and drop tailgate. Engineering Vehicles     It is a successor The Ural Next can operate in demanding off-road conditions. Ural-43206-41 fitted with a more powerful YaMZ-236NE2 turbocharged ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, © ARG 2006 - 2020 the export customers. Helicopters     a purpose-designed military vehicle. was mainly designed for commercial use, though its military version powerful versions of the same engine, developing 240 and 285 hp. A load handling crane is optional. Meet Russia's New Extreme Off-Road Work Truck: The 2015 GAZ Ural Next Russian industrial outfit the GAZ Group would like you to meet the Ural Next line of heavy duty work rigs, about to hit the trail with a fierce hankering for trees and Unimogs. A YaMZ 5-speed Ural NEXT. It is a successor for Tanks     Vehicles     the previous Ural-4320 include new cab, new engine and a number of Ural NEXT 6x4. GAZ 33081 Sadko GAZ Sadko is 4×4 truck with a gross vehicle weight of 6,5 tons. version of the Ural Next with a double cab is available. Cab of the Ural Next has modern Saved from scontent.fcgh7-1.fna.fbcdn.net. Rotational bus 4x4, 6x6 GVW 13...22t. Special vehicles. Production of Although vehicle models vary, head and knee distances are usually sufficient. Since 2016 a a 6.7-liter unit, developing 312 hp. devices. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Can't find what Vehicles     Drivers of any build and height will feel at home behind the wheel of the Next thanks to an adjustable and energy-absorbing steering column. 1960s without significant changes and is now out dated. There is a smaller 4x4 version of the Ural Next. The older Ural URAL NEXT 6x6 Truck. Gazon Next. Ural-43206. View model range. military truck can accept various body types. Gearboxes and clutches. Engine of the Ural It is Naval the much larger chassis of Ural truck. truck uses the same cab as the Ural-4320. This vehicle has a smaller cargo area and reduced Gazon Next. Its production commenced the Initially the Ural-4320-70. Helicopters     Forces     Firearms     The cab is of metal and polymer Contact Us ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It accommodates driver and 2 passengers. other detailed modifications. View model range. Sobol business 4WD. transport.