Please give us a The jQuery Selector starts with the dollar sign and parentheses – $(), and finds one or more HTML elements in the DOM.We can use name, id, CSS Class, type, attribute, etc to find elements using the jQuery Selector. How to set new id attribute with jQuery? Within the function, this refers to the current element in … The "#regTitle" inside the parenthesis is called the selector which is used by the jQuery library to identify which element(s) of the html DOM (Document Object Model) you want to apply code to. Answer: Use the jQuery attr() Method. This property is not available on XML documents but it works for XHTML documents. While using W3Schools, you agree to have read and accepted our, Required. Set Content - text(), html(), and val() We will use the same three methods from the previous page to set content:. jQuery is a fast and simple JavaScript framework, it can simplify the process of querying DOM objects, processing events, making animations, and handling Ajax interactions. Answer: $("#regTitle").html('Hello World'); Explanation: $ is equivalent to jQuery.Both represent the same object in the jQuery library. Example $('#myid') − Selects a single element with the given id myid. Definition and Usage. How to find an element based on a data-attribute value in jQuery, How to get the children of the this selector in jQuery, How to add attribute to an HTML element in jQuery. jQuery JavaScript Library. How to set src to the img tag in HTML from another domain? $("div") The #id Selector. some browsers. In the web page write your jQuery code within document ready state in the