Once on the other side, Mako spotted Tokuga falling from the airship and ordered his brother to assist their friends while he pursued the triad leader. [47] Wu appreciated his services to the extent of requesting Raiko that Mako be allowed to return to Ba Sing Se with him after the coronation, much to the firebender's annoyance. Mako questioned why they had not contacted the police since he had been missing, and they responded that Wonyong did not like the police being involved in his private affairs. He later watched as Kuvira was brought before a tribunal to answer for her crimes as ruler of the Earth Empire, and witnessed Suyin confront Kuvira after she plead not guilty. History Her skills were such that she managed to teach herself every known programming language, and at the age of eight, managed to crash the bank account of a red light district orphanage in which she lived, which had attempted to sell her. He said he thought it was possible, and suggested that they bring Wonyong in for questioning. Makko is a finnish chipmusic composer. Makko is a old name, it origins from a retard male. Mako is the second known person to use both lightning generation and lightning redirection, the first being Iroh, and the third is Azula. Mako collected the owner's bet while Bolin talked to Toza about that night's match; the firebender chastised him because he believed that doing so would get them in trouble with Shady Shin. After arriving back at the station and finishing booking their prisoners, Mako walked in on Lin interrogation of Two Toed Ping about the identity of the Triple Threats' new leader, which was leading nowhere. Numerology information Makko: Name Number: 6. Successfully saving Wu, the team reconciled, and while Asami and Korra returned to Air Temple Island, Mako retreated to the Sato estate with Wu, where they would reside with the rest of Mako's family. Fire Ferrets' firebender and captain (formerly)DetectiveWu's bodyguard (formerly)Private in the military of the Earth Empire (brainwashed, formerly) They tracked the earthbender down to an abandoned warehouse, where they witnessed, first hand, Amon's ability to strip a bender of their bending abilities. Mako encouraged Bolin to try metalbending them out of prison. Bolin and Mako came to the conclusion that Tokuga had been involved in his disappearance and left. Mako's "cool under fire" style of pro-bending bears similarities to the defensive styles of boxing, and the styles of iconic boxers such as Willie Pep and Muhammad Ali. Real/full name: Marcus Bäckbrand Age: N/A Place of origin: Sweden Gender: Male. The following morning, Mako and the others set out to investigate how the breach in security could have occurred, a search that eventually led them to suspect the city's resident truth seer, Aiwei, as he was the only one who could tell a lie and be believed. She eventually managed to help them win the match, and as such, a lasting partnership was formed. Mako told the young triad member that he had heard that he might know where the Triple Threats' hideout was, but Skoochy responded that he would not know because these days he was "living on the straight and narrow". After Team Avatar returned to Republic City, Mako attended the rest of Kuvira's trial, and saw her take responsibility for her actions by pleading guilty. He often resorted to his firebending to protect himself and Bolin on the streets. Although baffled to see Kuvira crush Hiroshi to death in his hummingbird suit, Mako managed to dive inside the hole together with Suyin, Lin, Bolin, and Korra.[53]. He pulled her aside and suggested to trick Ping into believing that he had been identified by another triad member as the mastermind of the earlier attack on the Creeping Crystals in order to get Ping to talk. [1], Although he never forgot his roots on the street, Mako lost some of his hard-edge and became more considerate of others over time, as well as more emotionally forthcoming, as evidenced when he gave his treasured scarf to his grandmother, Yin, reasoning that she needed the reminder of her son more than him. Korra told Mako that she believed it was the Creeping Crystal Triad who were responsible for the kidnapping, and asked if Mako knew where they were located. Upon Mako's questioning, one of Asami's bodyguards said that he had been ambushed and did not know who the team's attackers were. Makko has released 2 singles in all major digital audio platforms and currently plans to release his first album work before 2020. It is also the 195,054 th most common first name globally It is held by 1,558 people. While the Creeping Crystals held off the Triple Threats, Mako and Bolin followed Korra on an motorcycle, as the Avatar suspected that Tokuga was headed toward the spirit portal. By the age of 7, Mako was an orphan living on Nar Shaddaa and already had earned a reputation for having an unnatural affiliation to all things computer related, including slicing. Mako, Bolin, and Asami ended up being fooled into believing the airbenders were at the temple, however, which led to them being cornered by Ghazan, who used his lavabending to bring down the entire temple. The two went to visit Ping in his jail cell, and Mako asked Ping if he had any idea of where the Triple Threats' new hideout was. Helping Bolin overwhelm Ghazan, Mako and Bolin emerged to the conclusion of Korra's battle with Zaheer. When he returned home from work one day, Asami Sato nearly ran him over. He listened to Wu's suggestion for Team Avatar to come to Gaoling to stand up to Commander Guan's Earth Empire holdout. Mako watched on as Asami and Bolin confronted Kuvira when she told them that she was impressed by the loyalty Team Avatar held for each other. However, when Wu ended up kidnapped, the team rallied together and were reminded of their old adventures. Mako told Lin Beifong about Korra's theory that Wonyong Keum was behind the Triple Threat Triad's attack on the spirit portal. Image gallery (262) Due to this connection, Future Industries took care of the Fire Ferrets' monetary issues by sponsoring the team. Bolin remembered how, when they were kids, the Triple Threats had used them to move messages between Triad members, and remarked that maybe Tokuga was doing the same thing. He reminded her that the Triple Threat leader was unhinged and that she should not let him manipulate her as such. Makko by Le Club des Juniors from the Album Les génériques des dessins animés de notre enfance (40 titres) Twerk Somethin (feat. Facing the four criminals with Zaofu's guard and the rest of Team Avatar, he managed to surround the foursome, only for Ghazan to separate the groups with a pool of lava. Mako is also good at reading maps, as he figured out where the Equalist rally was located by looking at the maps he and Korra obtained from the Equalist protester. SG: MAKKO akan menerbitkan Linimasa dan Zephyrion. As an orphan, Mako did whatever was necessary in order to survive along with his brother. Bolin told the rest of the group that he would have to leave, as Zhu Li had back-to-back meetings the rest of the day, and Mako noted with interest that Bolin had decided to stick to the job, his brother telling him that after what they went through, he was fine with filing office paperwork for a while. Returning to the Southern Water Tribe to find it overrun with Northern Water Tribe soldiers,[25] Mako was forced to sit by helplessly as he watched Tonraq and several other Southerners be sentenced to life imprisonment for their attempt to kidnap Unalaq. The police force had their hands full investigating the triads ravaging the city, as the different factions engaged each other in turf wars over the land that was not destroyed during the invasion. He has used lightning for a job at a power plant in Republic City[1] and can effectively use it in combat. Mako and his friends fought back for a while, but the sheer number and power of the Equalists forced them on the run. When it became clear that the old healer was unable to and a heartbroken Korra ran off to grieve on her own, Mako confessed his love to her, though was shot down. At the end of the battle, Kuvira managed to force Guan to surrender, and the entire Earth Empire army stood down. Additionally, he is the only person to do so in, Mako has used lightning generation in the finale of each book of, Mako is the only core member of Team Avatar who remained single at the end of the series. As the trio arrived at the Creeping Crystals' hideout, Mako unsuccessfully attempted to stop Korra from breaking in, and Korra kicked the door down and attacked multiple members, before standing with Mako and Bolin and demanded Jargala tell her where Asami was. Book Two: Spirits (171 AG - Harmonic Convergence) However, they stopped when the Red Lotus attempted to kidnap Korra in Zaofu, instead working to bring down the anarchist organization. How unique is the name Makko? Makko's musical style can be compared to artists such as Juice WRLD, Post Malone and Mac Miller. 107 likes. This video is unavailable. Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. According to his grandmother, Mako takes after his grandfather. [29] When Bolin came to visit him in jail, he warned him to stay vigilant during the finale of The Adventures of Nuktuk: Hero of the South as Varrick was not whom he seemed. Mako has demonstrated considerable skill in the art of firebending, implementing a modern style of fighting that he developed in his pro-bending days. Mako accompanied Korra and the rest of Team Avatar toward the Southern Water Tribe in an attempt to break through the Northern forces guarding the Southern spirit portal and get into the Spirit World. Website IP is After taking down the Red Lotus, Mako returned to his work as a police officer and was later appointed as Prince Wu's bodyguard, a position he continued in after the latter's coronation as Earth King. Mako showcases his trademark "cool under fire" style of bending. Share some things about the Makko name. Due to Hiroshi's sacrifice, Mako was able to make it inside Kuvira's enormous mecha suit together with Korra, Bolin, Lin, and Suyin. The brainwashed brothers demanded that Kuvira release them. Mako and Korra infiltrated an Equalist rally. [50] At the estate, Mako taught Wu some self-defense moves while catching the royal up to his history with Korra and Asami.[6]. The brothers were eventually cornered by Shady Shin and two other gangsters and forced into the defensive until Toza helped bring the fight to a standstill and Zolt eventually broke it off completely. In order to distract him from the argument, Mako was taken to the Little Ba Sing Se Fashion Mall, where he ended up saving Wu from a mob of enraged Kuvira supporters. [13], Later that night, Mako and Bolin attended Toza's match, sitting in the same booth as Zolt and Shady Shin. Following the insurrection of the Red Lotus, Mako was handpicked by Wu to be his personal bodyguard until his coronation as the new Earth King. Mako was indoctrinated to think that the Avatar was no longer his friend, and was conscripted into the military of the Earth Empire. He has considerable raw strength, as he could effortlessly launch an Equalist agent a great distance, casually carry Bolin over his shoulder or Korra in his arms, and hoist an Equalist into the air with one hand. Submitted Name. Main graphic novel characters (Legend of Korra), History of Mako (171 AG - Harmonic Convergence), bombing of the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center, The Adventures of Nuktuk: Hero of the South, The Legend of Korra—The Art of the Animated Series, Book One: Air, The Legend of Korra: 'Republic City Hustle, The Legend of Korra Press Site - Character descriptions, https://avatar.fandom.com/wiki/Mako?oldid=2836730, Private in the military of the Earth Empire. Although his apartment was in ruins, Mako declined Tenzin's offer to stay at Air Temple Island and resided at the police headquarters instead. The two insisted that it was important police business, but two security guards appeared and begun to escort them out of the building. [49] Upon learning Korra was back in Republic City, Mako met up with her and Asami, though Wu ended up accompanying him. [33], Shortly after Harmonic Convergence, Mako rejoined the Fire Ferrets and took part in a charity championship organized to help rebuild the city following the damages caused by the Unalaq Crisis. Mako and the rest of Team Avatar discussed whether Kuvira could be trusted to help out with in the democratic movement. Despite managing to save Korra, however, they failed to apprehend the group. Bolin angrily grabbed Skoochy and demanded he stop lying and answer Mako's questions, to both Skoochy and Mako's surprise. Makó szálláshelyek, ingyenes foglalás, apróbetűs rész nélkül. While he did not waste time to attack a fleeing triad member with his firebending, he chided Bolin for being distracted with shouting catchphrases as opposed to taking down the triads. While Korra did the same, Mako and the others looked after her physical body, though when they noticed Ming-Hua and Ghazan had arrived at the inn as well, Asami left with Korra's body while the brothers stalled the two criminals. Mako is a firebender from a multicultural family who grew up on the streets of Republic City as an orphan with his younger brother, Bolin. Amennyiben az E-ügyintézés űrlapjainak kitöltésében segítségre lenne szüksége, kérjük hívja a +36 62 511 800 telefonszámot! Three weeks later, during the election night of the new president, Mako had formally come to accept Bolin as his partner, only for his brother to declare that with the triad situation under control, he had decided to resign from the force. Mako later got a phone call from a distressed Korra, who told him she had reason to believe Asami Sato had been kidnapped. Mako defensively responded that he was fine, and that he thought it was great that the two were dating. While the brothers were collecting bets at a pet shop, a fire ferret escaped and was restrained by its owner, Mr. Feng, because it was to be fed to a pythonaconda. Power plant worker (formerly)Pro-bender (formerly)Police officer[4]Soldier (brainwashed, formerly)[5] Sometime later, Mako and Bolin met up with Korra and Asami on Air Temple Island for the first time since the women had returned from their vacation to the Spirit World. Reuniting with the others, Mako learned that Korra and the airbenders had been taken to a nearby cave.[44]. Welcome to my page! However, after General Iroh too proved to be no match for the Equalists machines, Mako set out with Korra to confront Amon. This was 100% of all the recorded Makko's in the USA. Pink Floyd, J. Cole, Joey Bada$$, Tupac, Kendrick Lamar, Guns N' Roses. Mako is the fourth known person to break free of a bloodbender's hold by their own doing, and the first non-waterbender known to have done so. Later that day, Mako went to the Triple Threat Triad headquarters with his brother and saw Shady Shin bribe Toza, a pro-bender. The Makko family name was found in the USA in 1920. [35] When Korra and Tenzin decided to scour the Earth Kingdom for those new benders, it was only when Bolin convinced Mako to come along that the firebender relented and joined the rest of Team Avatar on their quest. [58] Korra and Wu subsequently left for the Foggy Swamp on Naga to recruit Toph Beifong as a candidate for the election who could oppose Guan. Korra tried to break him free of the brainwashing, but to no avail. Mako demanded Tokuga release Keum immediately, to which Tokuga questioned why he would take such an action, as he had the advantage. After the Equalists' defeat, Mako traveled to the Southern Water Tribe, hoping that Katara could restore Korra's bending. makko.ch is hosted in Berlin, Berlin, Germany. [37] His friends, family, and sense of duty remained the main motivation for his actions, making him willing to do what was necessary, even make the ultimate sacrifice, if it meant keeping the people he cared for save.[54]. Mako was born the son of an Earth Kingdom man named San and Naoki,[7] a Fire Nation woman,[8] two years before Bolin. Save. After forgiving his brother for their past argument, he explored the Spirit Wilds with Korra after Jinora's spiritual projection called for help. Mako grins as he receives the winnings for one of the Fire Ferrets' matches. When Mako and Bolin exited the ruined mecha suit, they were shocked to find that the Spirit Wilds had been blasted open and housed a new spirit portal in its center. Makko left his family behind and migrated to Australia with only his mother and sister at the age of 10 to seek opportunities for a better life. 58 szállásajánlat. Lin sternly responded that they would not be, because Wonyong was powerful and well connected, making him difficult to get to. Mako and Bolin discussed the latter's long career history, and the younger brother was somewhat insulted at the idea he was fickle. Mako and Bolin posed with their parents for a photo. Mako told Bolin to stop, because they were not filming a mover. As the two walked away from Ping's cell, Mako remarked that Bolin had displayed some good thinking, and would make a fine cop one day, to which Bolin responded that he had learned from the best. Content with how everything turned out, Mako emphasized to Korra that he would always be there for her, no matter the situation. Trading blows, Mako eventually managed to kill Ming-Hua by electrocuting her with his lightning. The team started to train hard for the Pro-bending Championship, and although they had some hard matches due to internal romantic struggles,[17] they managed to reach the finale. Mako always wore his signature red scarf that was once his father's, who was murdered along with his mother when he was a boy. MAKKO is on Chicmi - the fashion calendar. Following the attack at the spirit portal, Mako and Bolin filed a report which they brought into Lin Beifong. When he was eight, Mako witnessed his parents being killed by a firebender, leaving Bolin, his younger brother, as his only immediate family[1] and his treasured red scarf as the sole memento of his father.