In addition, we—and above all you as teachers—still face the challenge of organizing and carrying out the current online semester in the best possible way for all concerned. This also applies to those who must be present on site to perform contractual obligations for the university, such as construction workers or suppliers. Many are currently experiencing great anxiety and are worried not only about their own health and that of their relatives but also about the further planning of their academic qualifications, research, and teaching. The Federal Minister of Education has also announced additional unbureaucratic financial aid for students who are without work or income due to the Corona crisis and are not entitled to BAföG. Students who receive BAföG funding are required to participate in the online courses adapted for the summer semester and thus continue their education. Moreover, in future, we also want to avoid as far as possible the extensive keeping of attendance lists by superiors in the individual areas of the university. We would like to welcome all students to Bielefeld University, especially our new students. This is not permitted as part of reduced basic operations. In Bielefeld werden zum Start der Impfungen gegen Corona am 27. We therefore ask you most sincerely to convert your courses to digital formats. However, this can only be done once you have taken the necessary steps to issue the UniCard (photo-upload). Please have a look at the information from Bielefeld’s municipal government on the situation at Internships and other courses that cannot function without direct contact as well as examination formats that cannot be done digitally may be postponed until the teaching-free period after the end of the summer semester or even to the winter semester. research operations). To enable students to access the software packages installed on these PCs, the University IT-service (BITS) offers the possibility to access these PCs from outside the University. It means that we are constantly having to evaluate the situation for the university and make decisions under changing conditions. Discussions are extremely important – not only on subject-specific content, but also sharing perspectives and opinions. Nonetheless, contracts for student assistants and tutors will continue to be processed and issued. Instructors create additional materials, tasks, and activities for students in order to compensate for the lack of presence time, all of which requires more work. In the seminar rooms, however, you have to open the windows every 20 minutes for a period of 5 minutes to ensure air circulation. Hence, in addition to the online formats mentioned, these can include text work, independent research in the sense of ‘problem-based learning’, telephone conferences in working groups, and so forth. As far as possible, your lecturers will be converting their courses and examinations into digital formats. Both the examiners and those to be examined must expressly agree to carry out the examination. Today we would like to provide you with information about with the current rules and regulations for the 2020/2021 Winter Semester. Die Bielefeld Graduate School in History and Sociology (BGHS) vergibt jährlich “Start-up-Stipendien” an Masterabsolventinnen und -absolventen aus dem Ausland, die eine Promotion in Bielefeld anstreben. The situation now, however, is different: we do not again want to cut back on the studying, teaching, and research offerings on campus. Die Studie ist in der Fachzeitschrift „Journal of Research in Personality“ erschienen. Dear students, Another topic we would like to mention is invigilation during examinations and tests. What about the semester fee already paid for the summer semester? Here we explain everything about, Bielefeld information System (BIS) support and assistance, If you have questions about specific courses the teaching staff are the best people to ask. In addition to the scanners for the UniCard, there are now QR codes at the entrances, which can also be used for registration. Further details can be found on the respective websites. We want to exchange ideas and discuss with them directly. The decision of how to distribute the workforce between home office and on-site presence is made by supervisors in consultation with their employees. If there is no request for tracking, the data will be deleted after four weeks. We continue to work on creating as much clarity and structure as possible. The current regulations for reduced operations can be found here. Prof. Dr Birgit Lütje-Klose, Vice-rector for Studies and Teaching. How can I better structure my days during the online semester? For employees, it is sufficient to note down their names and the time they enter the buildings. The privacy policy can be found here: Depending on the circumstances, supervisors should then be able to determine at short notice who from their area was on site and, for example, took part in ordered official meetings, assemblies and events. On 26 February – in response to first cases in NRW and a worsening international situation – the Chancellor Dr Stephan Becker set up a team to review the situation at the university. On the basis of statements made by parents, generous deadline extensions have already been granted. laboratory internships), examinations and work for final examinations in laboratories as necessary. According to the regulations of the NRW State Ministry of Labour, Health, and Social Affairs. However, if capacity is limited, priority will be given to students in training. Business trips should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. Therefore, we are planning to set up a livestream at the beginning of the semester in order to answer frequent questions. Bielefeld University is made up of the people who engage in research, teach, study, and work here. During this time, on-site presence of technical and administration services must be reduced to the necessary minimum. Further information will follow. Further information is available at GO Out. At the same time, we must ensure the safety and health of our students and staff. We can all be proud of how our university community has responded to provide effective teaching during these difficult times, thus ensuring that thousands of students can carry on with their studies. For the instructors, the following reasons for a significantly higher perceived workload were identified (and these reasons also correspond with those mentioned by students): The university leadership is very aware of the stresses placed on everyone during this time and is doing its utmost, within the given legal framework, to support instructors and students and to improve the overall conditions. We have created very comprehensive hygiene measures and safety regulations for working at the university. The currently valid opening hours are: Monday to Friday from 6.45 to 20.00. Individuals with respiratory symptoms, fever, or loss of sense of smell or taste are not allowed on university premises (unless these symptoms have been otherwise cleared by a doctor). We are calling upon you to do your part. Examination papers such as term papers, final theses, and so forth can still be submitted. Student work areas are not accessible. Prof.‘in Dr. Birgit Lütje-Klose, Vice-rector for Education and Teaching. For lectures, seminars, and other practice-based courses offered in presence, the number of seats in lecture halls and seminar rooms has been significantly reduced in order to maintain social distancing. All others are to work in Home Office. We regret that we have to share this information with you at such short notice, and hope for your understanding. Therefore, in a first step, we shall be introducing a digital registration system for the main building and Building X. You can be sure that we shall keep your legitimate concerns in mind during all this. The government of North Rhine-Westphalia might also issue new regulations that could impact our operations. Further changes to the organizational decision concern, among other things, the holding of academic conferences and events, dealing with groups of people who are particularly in need of protection, holding work meetings (if necessary with external guests) as well as official travel and return. Hence, in addition to the online formats mentioned, these can include text work, independent research in the sense of ‘problem-based learning’, telephone conferences in working groups, and so forth. Starting on September 1st, people who are not members of Bielefeld University will be able to enter the library. For theses, an email with a digital file of the final thesis (which matches the printed version) must be sent to the responsible examination office as well as to the examiners. ): Die Corona-Gesellschaft. in the learning room or LernraumPlus). On May 12, 2020, on the basis of the Corona Epidemic Higher Education Ordinance of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Rectorate issued the, The State Ministry of Culture and Science has responded to the request of the universities and agreed to postpone the, The summer semester remains (almost exclusively) an. März bis zum 23. If you have a positive COVID-19 test result, you must immediately inform your supervisor and send an email notifying the university of your positive test result to Technicians and administrators will continue to work from home until August 31st on the basis of trust-based working hours. We are asking you to do your part. We hope and trust that you will nevertheless approach this new semester with confidence. The university will examine how far electronic aids can be used for examinations. This has to be checked on a case-by case basis, but as matters stand at present, it should normally be the case. : +41 44 635 58 61 Fax: +41 44 635 57 06 E-Mail: In recognition of the challenges to be overcome, substantial funds for technical equipment and assistance in the form of support staff and tutorials were allocated to university faculties. However, following our appeal of 22 October, we assume that hardly any courses will be held onsite that cannot also be conducted digitally. We expect orders to be issued next week. Exceptions for teaching and examinations are possible; these are to be conducted following the hygiene guidelines that also remain in force. In many cases, students have (significantly) more written assignments, which in turn have to be responded to and graded by instructors. The courses offered this Winter Semester can be found in the eKVV, which also includes information about whether the course will be offered in person or online. The rationale behind this decision is the fact that our planning for presence on campus has been cautious from the very beginning. We now need to try them out and see what forms they can take. Deadlines and set times for individual work (term papers, reports, final papers) should be adjusted (as decentrally as possible). Depending on the regulations in force at the time, we shall try to provide rooms with Internet access at the university. Are there special rules for students who now have to look after children at home? In the ‘Ordinance on the management of the challenges posed to higher education by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 crisis (Corona Epidemic University Ordinance)’, which came into force this week, regulations have been introduced that affect higher education directly. The Central Lending Desk will be closed from Monday, 23 March 2020. If you are still working at the university, please minimize social contacts. These can be text work or videos with tasks, group work on set questions, Padlets that students create together, quizzes, and so forth. In the student survey, many of you expressed that the biggest problem is the lack of contact with your fellow students. 101 talking about this. We know that all these situations are additional challenges and require a lot of patience and strength from you. Our goal is to continue to prevent the spread of the virus. In addition to online lectures, so-called “mixed” formats are also possible for small or medium-sized lectures, which combine classroom presence and online elements. More staff will be here from September onwards and more students at the start of the semester, then the question of food provision will also become increasingly important. The German Rectors’ Conference (HRK) and the State Rectors’ Conferences are trying to reach an agreement with the federal government on the extension of BAföG, child benefit and health insurance. We also ask for your understanding and patience here should anything not always work perfectly straight away. Please note that these regulations are subject to change should the situation deteriorate with increased transmission of the Coronavirus. Ansprechpartner*innen. The UA Ruhr is an alliance between Ruhr University Bochum, TU Dortmund University, and the University of Duisburg-Essen, the three largest universities in Germany’s thriving Ruhr area. The reduced quality of interaction with students is a particular burden for instructors (i.e. Nevertheless, the additional burden on instructors – as well as on staff in the various administrative departments of the university (including the rectorate) – cannot be denied. Dear employees, The university canteen [Mensa], the Lokschuppen concert hall, the sports hall, and the Stadthalle city concert hall are to be used for this purpose. Please make sure that your contact details are updated, and check whether you have provided a telephone number where you can be reached quickly. : +49 (0)521 106886 00 Fax: +49 (0)521 106886 01 We wish you all the best as you embark your studies. We believe that we have found a good way to deal with the current situation. For example, you are organizing neighbourhood help schemes or engaging in other social activities. Therefore do not travel to the defined risk areas. On the one hand, we assume responsibility for society as a whole and take the most far-reaching measures possible to try and reduce the risk of transmitting the virus. Three of our international researchers take you on a short video trip through the university and the city with its mix of old and new as well as urban culture and nature. We want to encourage you not to neglect this interaction: it is, after all, also a central part of your studies. Whether museums, senior guest programme and children's university, support for start-ups, teacher education or science communication: The University of Münster understands knowledge transfer as an active exchange. Die UniCard für neue Studierende (Studierendenausweis) wird bis auf Weiteres per Post versendet. During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is it extremely important that student contact details are accurate, for example, in the event of contact tracing. Bielefeld: Transcript. We will keep you updated on all further measures and regulations. That said, we have taken this worrisome development as an opportunity to reevaluate our strategy. Your teachers will inform you accordingly with regard to courses and examinations if they have not already done so. Forming groups of more than two people should continue to be avoided. We are waiting for a decision by the federal government on BAföG and child benefit entitlements. We kindly ask for your patience while we resolve these matters. We therefore continue to ask for your patience and understanding. The UniFit, sports hall and swimming pool are closed. We hope you will understand this. It has been agreed with the public transport companies that the semester ticket can be replaced by presenting the NRW ticket and a personal ID/passport. Nonetheless, please bear in mind that we are all operating in an unprecedented situation: changes are developing very quickly and—not least because of changing legal conditions—new adjustments are always necessary. At present, these municipal regulations do not directly impact Bielefeld University’s planning and operations. Gerhard Sagerer                                        Dr Stephan Becker, Rector                                                                                   Chancellor. Can deadlines be adjusted for parents who are students and still have to look after their children at home in the coming weeks? Information on the UniCard and how you can order it easily can be found here: . This opinion is also shared by the responsible authorities of the Bielefeld municipal government. To support digital teaching formats, it is possible to increase the number of working hours of already employed. Our goal is to continue to prevent the spread of the virus. If, on the other hand, no courses are offered, the teaching responsibilities have also not been met. As an instructor, you are exempt from the face mask requirement while teaching, but you are required to make sure your students are in compliance. We are very aware of how much the special situation has affected you both privately and in your studies. Teachers who have decided to continue to offer onsite teaching under the current conditions, should have good reasons for doing so or have no possibility of offering alternative online formats without jeopardising the objectives of teaching and learning. Work stations for students, such as those located in the University Library and the University Hall, will too remain available. The University Library remains open in reduced basic operation mode. Meetings and committee sessions will be held via video conference. Researchers, teachers, and administrative staff are not working on campus unless it is absolutely necessary. The framework for the delivery of courses is the state regulation to deliver teaching in online/distance learning formats during the summer semester (and possibly also for the following winter semester). If possible, home office should then be made available to them. Die Universität Bielefeld hat durch die Mail des Rektors beschlossen, dass der persönliche Besuch der Serviceeinrichtungen ab dem 01.09.2020 wieder möglich ist. How will the situation affect my grant (BAföG) or my scholarship? due to job loss, etc.) Employees who are unable to organize childcare for their children (younger than 12 years or with impairments making them dependent on assistance) within the flexi-time framework (from 6.45 to 20.00) should contact their superiors. Analysen zur Lage und Perspektiven für die Zukunft, transcript: Bielefeld 2020, 45-54. What is the situation regarding the extension of the standard period of study in relation to the number of semesters noted on the final degree certificate? ... Büro UHG Uni-Halle − Lage-/Raumplan Sprech- / Öffnungszeiten Vorlesungszeit: Mo.- Do. The semester will take place as a hybrid semester with both online and presence-based offerings. The rationale behind this decision is the fact that our planning for presence on campus has been cautious from the very beginning. However studying and learning is not permitted in the library at present. The goal for the staff in technology and administration is for everyone to work on campus again, at least from time to time. How can I keep motivated? August, Bielefeld University will use scanners that can be operated free of contact. Examinations with significantly more than 5 persons (medium examination format) can be held in designated lecture halls and centrally managed seminar rooms. The infopunkt [information centre], Studierendensekretariat [Student Office], Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB), support desk in the BITS, and the examination offices will again, to a limited extent, be open to the public. First of all: We find ourselves in a predicament: on the one hand, we have to take as far-reaching measures as possible to reduce the risk of transmission from the point of view of society as a whole; on the other hand, we must ensure that the university can continue to function as well as possible. The data privacy policy and building access form can be downloaded here at Gerhard Sagerer                              Dr Stephan Becker As long as courses are open to occasional students and these take place online, then in principle participation is generally possible. Until further notice, only three entrances are open in the Main University Building (main entrance C01, south-UMV, and West P0) as well as one entrance at Building X (side entrance by the security station). If your studies have been delayed due to the corona pandemic then this justifies a later submission of the academic certificate according to § 48 paragraph 2 in connection with § 15 paragraph 3 no. It is not required to work exclusively from home again. Special regulations apply with immediate effect to anyone who is medically certified as having a health risk, as well as for individuals who care for family members. In addition to this, possibilities for splitting required courses at the expense of electives in the teaching portfolio or employing additional instructors were introduced. We expect that those who have decided to continue offering on-site teaching in the current circumstances have good reasons to do so, or that the alternative online formats simply are not possible without jeopardizing teaching and learning objectives. The following regulations are particularly important for you as a student: Finally, one general remark: We are aware that you are currently receiving a large number of e-mails with advice and information from various members of the Rectorate. The university management has removed Japan from the list of countries to which special regulations for returnees and regulations concerning employment and studies apply. What about my exams? Developments are still dynamic, requiring constant adjustments from the university. Chancellor Scientists decide themselves - if necessary in consultation with their supervisors - whether attendance at the university is necessary. Please use your own pen when completing the form onsite. We will continue to keep you informed – promptly and transparently – of new developments. In the case of final papers, an e-mail with the final paper, which corresponds fully with the printed version, must be sent to the responsible examination office as well as to the examiners. Starting on 31. Most teaching must still take place online. Courses, starting next Monday, April 20, will also (initially) not be taught on site, but in forms of ‘distance learning’. But please note that you are not allowed to eat in the university hall or in public corridors, pathways, stairs, lifts, and stairways. Internships and the like as well as exam formats that cannot be carried out digitally may be postponed until the teaching-free period after the end of the summer semester or even to the winter semester. Please remind your students to do their part. An important note for supervisors: currently, there are more and more restrictions being put in place at daycare centers and at schools. The decisions from last week thus remain in place. All service units of the university can now be reached only by email or telephone. Nonetheless, it cannot and will not be a complete replacement for direct teaching in lectures, seminars, and the like. To the best of our knowledge, the Ministry will also soon be issuing new regulations so that examinations can be carried out in a manner adapted to the present situation. For example, if you have a service card as an employee, have been a student here before, or have a library card as a library user or guest student, you must first send this old card to Infopunkt, Studierendensekretariat.